CryptoCarbon Review (CCRB token)

Max Neuhaus
Jul 18, 2018 · 9 min read

The CryptoCarbon (CCRB) review is here! CryptoCarbon is far from being just another cryptocurrency or a blockchain project that primarily revolves around a fundraising idea. Unique to the core, CCRB is a fine blend of innovation, technology, and vision. Claiming to be the first consumer-oriented cryptocurrency, CCRB is much like bitcoin except for profit for mining. “CCRB is 100% pre-mined and the cryptocurrency is closely linked to cash-back and loyalty platforms. Based on the Ethereum 2.0 protocol, CCRB aims to virtually eliminate mining for profit — the aspect of cryptocurrencies responsible for harming the environment, through wastage of electricity.” While there’s a host of benefits for the CCRB token owners as it has varied and diverse practical uses on different associated ecosystems here’s our CCRB review explaining why this digital currency is attracting both seasoned investors and crypto enthusiasts alike.

Brief Background to Cryptocurrency Evolution

To better understand the importance of CCRB tokens and the value that it creates for the community, let’s take a look at the evolution of cryptocurrencies so far. The very idea behind the first generation of alternative currencies was basically to facilitate peer to peer money transfer with enhanced security and anonymity. Bitcoins, the first cryptocurrency to be mined that falls in this category is still limited in its functionality which is largely restricted to peer to peer fund transfer only. As cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, in particular, became increasingly popular a new wave of alternative digital currencies hit the market. The leading cryptocurrency from this category of the second generation of cryptocurrencies is Ethereum. It not only allowed for peer to peer fund transfer but also made it quicker. But most importantly Ethereum fairly revolutionized the entire crypto market by introducing their smart contract features which allowed blockchain projects to develop their own tokens on top Ethereum’s blockchain. Today, when over 43 cryptocurrencies exchanging ownership on popular crypto exchanges have a market capitalization of over $1 billion each there’s no denying the fact that Blockchain technology is the future. CCRB is an advanced currency that redefines crypto mining and introduces new concepts of consumer spending in cryptocurrencies with its network of associated ecosystems and a range of features.

Spend, Mine and Save CCRB tokens with a dedicated Cryptolife App

CCRB tokens, unlike traditional cryptocurrencies, work on a Proof of Shopping or a Proof of Spending protocol. They have developed a dedicated “CryptoLife App” that helps users earn, spend and save CCRB tokens. The innovative technology has also been filed for patent by the CCRB team (Patent App No: GB1719487.9). According to Subash Manuel: The CCRB tokens are accepted across 35000 outlets from all across the globe hosting millions of products and services. With the POSh protocol all users will get rewards on spending and can earn CCRB and can also save as the tokens they spend will have a High Internal Value.

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Spend, Mine and Save CCRB tokens with a dedicated Cryptolife App

The High Internal Value attributed to all purchased CCRB tokens is also a new and unique concept associated with the POSh protocol and Cryptolife App. Moreover encouraging users to shop with CCRB tokens they have tied up with multiple service providers including CashBackApp, a leading provider of cashback and loyalty platforms to 20+ banks and financial institutions around the globe to provide Cryptoback (another new concept that helps users earn CCRB tokens with their spendings) through cryptolife.

CCRB — Disrupting Traditional Cashback Mechanisms

Not only CCRB has come up with a unique “Cryptoback” feature but its cashback feature is distinctly unique and allows users to earn cryptocurrencies by using cryptocurrencies for purchases across a range of platforms worldwide. “The amount of CCRB a user will receive will strictly correspond to the amount of shopping or promotional activity the user will perform. This innovative and ground-breaking new concept of earning cryptocurrency through shopping is a giant leap towards introducing cryptocurrency to a larger crowd, by changing their shopping habits and online activities into mining as described by the crypto-world to earn cryptocurrency.” While this innovative mechanism allows users to earn and get more value for their digital assets the retailers or partners also benefit from increased sales and customer acquisition. Moreover, the entire reward based ecosystem is fully decentralized and protected by a verifiable smart contract.

Dedicated Crypto Exchange And A Unique Payment Gateway

The CCRB platform has a dedicated crypto exchange that supports buying and selling of over 60 popular cryptocurrencies. The powerful CCRB exchange allows users to mine cryptocurrencies and at the same time trade them on peer to peer, coin swap and high-frequency limit & stop order platforms. They are also coming up with Margin Trading and BOT trading on the platform.

CCRB also offers a unique payment gateway for merchants as it allows mixed payments processing which involves both credit/debit cards and cryptocurrencies. This is indeed a one of its kind payment gateway that could considerably help the merchants in the fast changing scenario where Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, in particular, are taking over the traditional methods of fund transfer and exchange. Providing a risk-free entry for retailers into cryptocurrency their payment gateway allows merchants to get payments in cryptocurrencies without messing up their cash flow.

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Cryptocarbon payment gateway

Getting More Value for Your CCRB Tokens

CCRB’s unique High Internal Value feature promises its users a better value for their acquired tokens the current market value. The Unique Internal is always higher than the market value and is estimated at approximately 4 times higher than the market value or a fixed baseline. This means that once investors purchase CCRB tokens at Market Value and spend the acquired tokens on the CCRB platform they get rewards that have a much higher value. Well here the important question is who provides for the increased value and how is it economically feasible. The CCRB platform allows retailers to choose the amount they want to be accepted in CCRB tokens for their goods or services.

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CryptoCarbon (CCRB tokens)

Also, to get more and more customers to for their products the retailers reward token holders for their tokens spent. Therefore the retailers ultimately fund the increased value in lieu of getting more exposure and sales on the platform. Moreover, supporting an additional and more innovative payment method attract more customers to a particular product which benefits the retailers as well and eventually makes it a scalable mechanism.

Tokenized Properties: CCRB in Real estate

Real Estate market has always been an industry recording the highest transaction values and with cryptocurrency and blockchain there’s already a buzz about it can disrupt the current and dominant practices. CCRB is indeed ahead of its time as it is already being used for property purchase and it suggested estimates show that over 4 billion has already been invested in real estate through CCRB tokens. Moreover, CCRB has already patched up with some established and popular names in the real estate business like Century 21 IH Uk. The team is working on further collaborations and that could be a game changer for both the token holders and the property market to an extent.

CCRB token details

There are a fixed number of CCRB tokens in circulation currently and as CCRB white paper explains “The total supply of CCRB and its rate of issuance was decided by considering the products and services that are available to be supplied for the shop and mine reward earning activities of the participants.” The estimated number of CCRB currently created is 70 million CCRB tokens out of which 21 million tokens are for the early contributors and active users. The exchange of tokens works on a proof-of-work model thus making it more environment-friendly with less energy consumption requirements for token generation. Moreover, the tokens will be issued annually and the annual issuance of tokens is capped at 21 million tokens and that is about 30% of the total tokens issued. This helps check the relative inflation rate and makes the model scalable in the long run. CCRB team has a goal to achieve 1 billion users in the ecosystem and providing unique products and services by 2020.

The CryptoCarbon Team

Given the complexity of the project and the innovative ideas, it caters to one can understand the level of expertise and experience required to make it a reality. Validating the trendsetter label of CCRB their team is diverse hosting several industry experts and a very strong advisory board. CCRB CEO, Subhash Manuel, is a recognized expert and thought-leader within the blockchain technology space, and more specifically within the legal regulations and ramifications that surround the industry. He is also an International Attorney and Commissioner of Oaths, dually-qualified in both India and within the Senior Courts of England and Wales, and have a Masters in Law and a QLTT from the Oxford Institute of Legal Practice. He has been involved in helping to organize and run a number of seminars on the legal aspects and future of the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries and technology, including being instrumental in organizing the first-ever Blockchain Summit in India during 2016. The team has David McLean as an experienced and dedicated digital Marketing expert, Robert Ferguson as Sales Director who is an experienced Marketing and Sales Expert and David Tainsh with years of industry experience as their Partnership and collaboration manager. Their advisory board has some reputed names like Sujatha Renganathan and Allan Bell.

CryptoCarbon Unique and Exclusive Features

To sum up, here are some unique and exclusive features of the CCRB Blockchain project that can make the CCRB tokens almost irresistible for any crypto investor or enthusiast.

  • High Internal Value makes your crypto assets retain high value regardless of market volatility which is indeed the biggest nightmare of any crypto investor.

The Verdict

The only way one can earn CCRB tokens is by participating in activities as it is only available by proof of work and it is a premised proof of work model, unlike other cryptocurrencies. The unique features including the high internal value, dedicated exchange and one of its kind payment gateway along with the already existing partnership and tie-ups with over 35000 outlets accepting CCRB tokens definitely make CCRB’s model advanced and interesting at the same time. So if you’re into crypto mining, or you’re a crypto investor or enthusiast CCRB tokens have all the potential to become one of your new favorites.

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ICO private sales Investment pool | Crypto trading signals…

Max Neuhaus

Written by

Crypto influencer, trader, marketer. I analyse and shill coins and ICOs until they moon. ATM I shill and Follow me for insiders info

ICO private sales Investment pool | Crypto trading signals |

Max Neuhaus

Written by

Crypto influencer, trader, marketer. I analyse and shill coins and ICOs until they moon. ATM I shill and Follow me for insiders info

ICO private sales Investment pool | Crypto trading signals |

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