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Elite Club partnered with ICO Picker Platform

Elite Club is proud to announce the launch of its ICO picker platform — a first of its kind in the industry powered by crowdsourced intelligence from registered members who will recommend, grade, and discuss initial coin offerings (ICO) that have the potential for becoming successful sources of capital for startups.

Elite Club believes in giving the community the authority to contribute their knowledge and interests in ICO in our platform. Registered members can share an ICO that they find interesting. This will allow others to vote for the ICO to gain considerable attention to the Elite Club managing team. Once enough votes are reached, the ICO will be included in the list where the grading process will commence.

This vetting process sets the platform apart from other ICO review websites because of its crowdsourced information that is unbiased and reflective of the community’s authentic sentiment.

More features will be added to the Elite Club platform in the coming weeks.

Our partnership with ICOpicker

ICOpicker is the first and only online platform where ICO selection, grading, analysis and private sale pools are generated through crowdsourcing (read here about how to get the most out of ICO pools). Unlike ICO-related websites where market intelligence is only backed by so-called experts assigning scores to each reviewed ICO (or one-way rating), ICOpicker also relies on the millions of participants in ICOs whose opinions reflect real market sentiment.

ICO is community-driven and by allowing members to choose which ICOs to feature, rate the potential of the ICO through different criteria, and share their analysis and opinions on each ICO, no other platform gives its members the power to crowdsource insightful information.



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