ICO pools: getting the most out of your ICO investments

I know you are interested to know more about ICO pools, but let me tell you about the following first; In 2017, Cryptocurrency and Bitcoins, in particular, emerged as biggest rivals to traditional investment avenues such as shares and stocks. Moreover, it was not only about the popular alternative currencies but also, there were several ICOs which fetched similar or higher returns. With an average return of over 100% who wouldn’t want to be a part of this profit making and growing industry? But the fact is that with the alternative coins and ICOs getting increasingly popular there has been a tirade of investors not hesitating to invest even in the upcoming and not so popular ICOs let alone the ones most sought after. Hence, for an average investor, it becomes a challenge to channel his investments to get maximized returns and benefits and that’s where ICO pools helps by identifying smarter investment opportunities and making them accessible in the nick of time which is quintessential to get optimum returns.

ICO pools explained

What is an ICO pool?

ICO pools are groups or a community of investors and ICO experts who make investments together which otherwise would not be possible for an individual investor. There is an MOU and also a contract between the members which could be fixed or varying depending upon the type of investments. As a community, members not only discuss ICOs and investment opportunities but also share ICO signals and especially those which tend to offer best returns. ICO pools are basically a combined investment platform where combined funds are channeled to generate maximum ROI on a profit-sharing basis. If you’re a frequent investor or are looking to get the best out of your investments an ICO pool makes it smooth and easy and also diminishes the chances of risks on your investments.

Getting the benefits of a private sale ICO pool

Private sale, White-list sale, and crowd sale — these are the three levels or stages at which one can invest in an ICO amongst which the private sales has the maximum bonuses and guaranteed allocation but is often restricted and open only for those who make huge investments. It is nearly impossible for an individual investor to get the benefits of a private sale of ICO’s which offers best returns. But with ICO pools operating as a community one can easily have these benefits. You would no longer need to make a minimum investment of $25000 or more to get the benefits of Bonuses that are exclusive to private sales.

Unable to get whitelisted?

With more and more people from all across the globe trying to make an investment with popular ICOs it is very frequent that your transaction fails or you aren’t able to get whitelisted to be able to make that investment. It is not only a hassle which demotivates you as an investor but it also keeps you away from reaping the benefits with no faults or shortcomings on your part. With ICO pools, this is no more a challenge as your investment gets through and is guaranteed. Moreover, for investments from certain countries like the U.S.A, Canada, and China it is nearly impossible to get across their investments without an ICO pool. Efficient ICO pools do not only guarantees that you’re able to make an investment but it also ensures that you make the right investment and are not left out of capitalizing on any opportunity that comes up.

Identifying best and budget opportunities

Most ICO’s and token sales are time sensitive and therefore it is very important to make a right choice in time. As an individual investor, your resources are limited when it comes to identify and make that decision. Being an active member of an ICO pool allows you to get access to the best opportunities available and within your budget. In an ICO pool, you get secure, proven and reliable trading signals providing you with an upper hand right from the beginning.

ICO pools could increase your returns considerably and could also help you avoid getting into scams and falling prey to frauds that have been mushrooming since lucrative returns have made investors more vulnerable to such traps. But it is equally important to be part of ICO pools which are authentic as identifying a genuine community of proven and trusted investors is equally important.

About our platform ICOpicker

ICOpicker is the first and only online platform where ICO selection, grading, analysis and private sale pools are generated through crowdsourcing (read here about how to get the most out of ICO pools). Unlike ICO-related websites where market intelligence is only backed by so-called experts assigning scores to each reviewed ICO (or one-way rating), ICOpicker also relies on the millions of participants in ICOs whose opinions reflect real market sentiment.

ICO is community-driven and by allowing members to choose which ICOs to feature, rate the potential of the ICO through different criteria, and share their analysis and opinions on each ICO, no other platform gives its members the power to crowdsource insightful information.

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