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The Heyday of Ethereum is not yet over: Its value will increase (here is why)

We all have heard about unlucky people ranting about how they missed their opportunity with Bitcoin. Back in its initial days, it only cost around some couple of bucks to invest in Bitcoin. Long gone are those days, today the worth of Bitcoin is more than a thousand dollars. What is more important is that the Defi movement is getting more traction over time, and cryptocurrencies are also becoming very popular. Today the crypto investment market is no less than “Wall Street.” Many other coins have made their way into the crypto realm.

Ethereum is one such cryptocurrency, and recently it reached its all-time high in February, its worth was over 1800 USD, its value increased over 670% in the last year alone. Many people claim that Ethereum has now reached a saturated level like Bitcoin, and investment in Ethereum will bring no good. First of all, such a pessimistic attitude will never give you a good output in the crypto market. The value of Ethereum has increased, and it will continue to grow. In this blog, we will try to put some rationality behind this claim of ours. Here is why we think that Ethereum will increase:

You have not yet missed the opportunity, still invest in Ethereum, and holding it will give you benefit.

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News from valid, and experienced investment Firms:

When it comes to investment, the words from experienced people and organizations are seldom wrong. Pantera Capital, one of the most dedicated and successful crypto-investment firms, has a very optimistic outlook about Ethereum in its upcoming days.

The CIO of Pantera Capital- Joey Krug said that his firm believes that Ethereum will increase its value around 5–10 times in the upcoming days because their study reveals that Ethereum is still very cheap.

Defi will gain more traction:

The concept of Decentralized Finance is nothing new, but the crypto-market has revitalized the concept. Recently, the heartbeat of the Defi movement has increased. According to the website Defi Pulse, the total locked value has recently crossed 40 Billion Dollars, and 25% of these increases have actually taken place in 2021.

Ethereum has been a critical contributor in the Decentralized Finance movement, so the above metrics alone proves that the rise of Defi movement and Ethereum will take place hand in hand.

Insights of Mark Cuban:

Many billionaires like Dallas-based Mark Cuban himself were at first sceptical about the potential of Bitcoin. He even once termed Bitcoin as a bobble. As time went by this investor became friendly with the crypto-market and has in fact invested in altcoins.

He thinks that the Ethereum has a better story of value than Bitcoin. On the other hand, he also considers that smart contracts are laying the foundation of fiction free banking. Such a change in the outlook of crypto-unfriendly investors speaks about the potential that altcoins like Ethereum have in the upcoming future.

The craze about Ethereum 2.0:

Ethereum 2.0 will be the new annex, and will soon take the place of traditional Ethereum. Even before the launch of this altcoin, there is a growing craze among investors. A beacon chain will work as the network between current Ethereum, and Ethereum 2.0, currently the beacon chain holds over 300,000 ETH- equivalent to 5.5 Billion USD. So, it can be inferred that the transition from Ethereum to Ethereum 2.0 will be a smooth one indeed.

Great crypto asset managers like “Grayscale” are recently investing more and more in Ethereum. Recently, in just 24 hours, the company just bought 52,730 ETH- equivalent to 93 million USD, the company has now more than 3.3 million ETH.

Such craze about Ethereum 2.0 and Ethereum beacon is nothing but the indicator of an upcoming surge that it is going to have. So, these were some of the pointers that designate that Ethereum is not yet saturated, rather an impending boom is coming. As a crypto investor, you should dig deeper into these indicators, and invest now- just remember Rational Optimism in Crypto Investment never goes in vain.



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