We're back! Signals, ICO platform, investment pool coming up. Wow!

We have done our first round of testing on our new ICO picker platform with the help of a select group of members and earlier today, we’ve sent invites to the next batch of our Elite Club members. Fortunately, we’re happy to hear positive results and we’ve delivered what members were hoping to see: a toolset that helps us with making the right choice on ICO investments that’s way different from other online platforms.

Imagine you have to lurk on Telegram all day going through the groups you have joined and following all conversations and suggestions to check out ICO X and ICO Y. It’s impossible to follow all suggestions with the hope of coming across rare gems in this industry.

With our ICO picker platform, we’re making things a lot easier for you. Stay on track discovering worthy ICOs, follow developments on their projects, get to know suggestions, info and insights about the ICO, and get to know what others think about it — all in one platform!

What’s even better is we’ve made it accessible for everyone (yes, even non-Elite Club members!). Visitors can get to know which ICOs are getting the most interest by the public. Elite Club members, however, are rewarded with special privileges such as reading insights by other members, grading ICOs, participating in discussions, and identifying which ICOs rank high based on our algorithm. As we continue to progress, we’ll be adding more features to the platform. This doesn’t only include what’s found in our roadmap but what our members would like to find on the site as well.

You may have noticed that we were really busy with developing the platform in the last couple of weeks. I must apologize for turning down new applications for membership to Elite Club because we had to wait for the platform to go live after testing. But everything is worth the wait, I must say. The platform is doing well, and we’re getting amazing feedback from the members, telling us how convenient it is to have such tool online.

See the feedback below!

Visit our website and join today (with 70% discount! 2 out of 5 slots available today) >> https://eliteclub.io

Our partnership with ICOpicker

ICOpicker is the first and only online platform where ICO selection, grading, analysis and private sale pools are generated through crowdsourcing (read here about how to get the most out of ICO pools). Unlike ICO-related websites where market intelligence is only backed by so-called experts assigning scores to each reviewed ICO (or one-way rating), ICOpicker also relies on the millions of participants in ICOs whose opinions reflect real market sentiment.

ICO is community-driven and by allowing members to choose which ICOs to feature, rate the potential of the ICO through different criteria, and share their analysis and opinions on each ICO, no other platform gives its members the power to crowdsource insightful information.

Free registration now

Best of all, ICOpicker is still free to everyone to register and make use of our investment pool smart contracts as part of their privileges. With this strategy, users can leverage public opinion to supplement expert/analyst-backed reports when making a decision on which ICO to invest in.

Make sure you don’t miss out and register your free account on ICOpicker today! Click here to register now (you’re just 1 minute away to huge benefits in our ICOpicker platform!) and start exploring our ICO reviews.

ICOpicker project launch: October 1st 2018!

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