Elitium Roadmap: What To Expect In 2021

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5 min readJan 13, 2021


If the last twelve months were all about laying the groundwork, the next twelve are when you’ll see Elitium’s smarter wealth management platform come to life.

Our plans will start with the marketing team building on the partnerships we’ve recently confirmed. We’ll then get to the high-profile launches — so for a high-level rundown of what to expect from Elitium in 2021, read on.

Six Points Of Focus This Year

  1. Strategic Capital Partner Onboarding

We welcomed GDA Capital onboard at the end of 2020, which not only affords us access to a well-resourced strategic partner.

It opens the door to a roster of influential investors. That’s why early 2021 should include even more investment announcements as we intensify our activity with GDA Capital, and they introduce Elitium to their broader network.

In the process, expect the Elitium team to grow in size — and for several other activities to move up a gear.

2. Scott Melker Collaboration

Elitium also welcomed Scott Melker as a strategic investor last year. Now ‘The Wolf of All Streets’ has his feet firmly under the table, it’s time to make some noise.

The next few months will see Elitium ramp up our marketing initiatives, leveraging Scott’s impressive social media presence to help the world learn more about Elitium’s wealth management offering. We know Scott’s profile will be a significant asset for Elitium.

Together, we’ll make significant strides to start the year — alongside forming further strategic alliances and onboarding more influencers to spread the word of our wealth management platform even faster.

3. Elitium App Launch

For those yet to experience the Elitium App, there’s still time to take the preview for a test run. And remember: we’re always open to feedback, which you can submit through the button in the top-right corner.

For those who only have eyes for the real thing, you don’t have much longer to wait. The official launch of the Elitium app will happen in Q1, meaning you’ll soon have full access to our smarter wealth management platform.

Expect products like US Dollar savings accounts, gold-backed investments, and more. Then, after the initial launch, we’ll continue to release updates and features throughout the year, including the Elitium Card integrations (see point 5), the Elitium Suite, and Elitium Capital.

You can even expect features we’re yet to talk about, which will build on what we worked on in 2020. The platform will ultimately cover everything you need to grow and secure your wealth on the blockchain.

Our community will get early access to the beta version of the app, allowing us to collect final feedback and analytics.

To become part of the Elitium community: join our official Telegram channel.

4. Elitium Capital Launch

While the Elitium App will change how you manage your wealth, Elitium Capital will undoubtedly open your eyes to an alternative world of investing.

When we launch the tokenization platform in Q2 2021, investors will get the chance to buy digital shares in luxury real estate, including everything from prized urban hotels to paradisiacal island retreats.

We then plan to add new asset classes — including art, private real estate, and unique items — not too far in the future.

5. Elitium Card Rollout

Many of you have been asking when you’ll get your hands on the Elitium Card. The answer is: towards the end of this year. Why the end of the year? Well.

The Elitium app is the backbone of the Elitium platform. Once that’s up-and-running, we can look to issue the Elitium Card to early-bird registrations. We know you’ve already been very patient on this one, but we can guarantee you.

The Elitium Card will be more than worth the wait — and given the cashback options available, it’ll be worth more than its weight in gold.

6. Exchange Listings & Integrations

At the time of writing, Elitium is ranked #222 on Coinmarketcap, with a market capitalization of roughly $150m. With more than 8,200 coins listed on CMC, we’re proud to be in the top 3% of cryptos worldwide.

A key focus of this year is to make Elitium available to even more users: from listing on new top-tier exchanges in geographies like the Middle East, Turkey, and India to integrating with further crypto-wallets — even putting EUM on cryptocurrency ATMs: 2021 is the year of integrations!

We plan to list EUM on one new exchange each month, making the first announcement this week to introduce a new trading pair (EUM/USDT) on BitMart.

2021 — And Beyond.

While these six big-ticket items will absorb much of our focus this year, we’ll continue working towards milestones that will boost our longer-term prospects.

These include the ongoing partnership announcements you’ll see on our blog and across mainstream media throughout the year. Alongside feature updates across both the Elitium app and Elitium Capital.

Stay up-to-date with the latest announcements: join the official Elitium Telegram channel today.




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