How Elitium Will Grow in 2019

Updated coin release schedule: Elitium will release +/- 2.5m EUM via exchange markets in 2019 with the majority of coins either held or circulating within the Elitium ecosystem itself.

Elitium Official
Feb 25 · 5 min read

A network is only as strong as its community. Your participation is what allows a platform to grow.

Nowhere is this truer than in the ecosystem of Elitium. To build a world-class user experience — with a smartphone application that will redefine luxury — it is crucial we listen to you, the community, if we are to accommodate your ever-evolving needs.

Elitium has factored the community into its development from the start. And since listing on Bitmart, our focus on the user has only grown stronger. Your response has spurred Elitium to reconsider our coin release schedule, and we’re making some adjustments.

At the outset, we first planned:

  • A release of 2.1m EUM by the end of April
  • Circulation of 5m EUM by the end of 2019

Yet as the market develops, we must adapt accordingly.

Instead of 5M, Elitium will now only release a limited supply of 2.5m EUM over the course of 2019.

We believe the adjustment reflects your best interests, all without risking the platform’s capacity to scale.

Here’s why…

Small Cap Listings Beat Blockbuster ICOs

In 2018, Elitium decided against an ICO. Explosive coin offerings are no longer a viable route to market. Too many businesses have raised huge sums via ICO, only to misuse funds at a cost to the investor. The outcome?

The process has lost credibility. Participation has dropped off a cliff. Even projects with a viable business model have struggled to overcome the tarnished reputation of the ICO, and the consequences have been severe for unproven coins that no longer have access to easy money.

Yet the shift has created an opportunity for Elitium.

The crypto-community now wants projects built on a solid business, not blue-sky thinking. Elitium has a proven business model, so investors want to support the platform, while an exchange listing offers a scalable path to investment via a process that will support the long-term mission.

And small market capitalization in the early stages will allow Elitium to distribute the minimum supply of EUM possible — straight into the hands of supporters and holders — further boosting the stability of the coin.

Exchanges Enhance Credibility

Where an ICO could hurt a promising launch, listing on the right exchange has the opposite effect. BitMart has built its trusted reputation in the market, and its reliability shines a positive light on partners.

  • A BitMart listing reflects the security, compliance, and innovation of the project
  • The established user base of the exchange will boost any launch
  • Streamlined KYC makes it simpler for investors to participate
  • Rigorous criteria guarantee the integrity and timeliness of the end-to-end investment and payout process

Elitium has its own quality criteria before considering an exchange partner: EUM will only ever list on a high-performing, globally-recognized exchange.

Such a strategy allows us to distribute coins via a trusted network of partners to an active users base, increasing the likelihood of mass adoption of the cryptocurrency in the long run. Since the BitMart listing, the supply of EUM has already grown to 70K.

Elitium plans to make roughly 150K EUM available in the coming weeks.

Join Telegram for exchange listing announcements coming soon.

Pending App Release

2019 will see more than just exchange listings. Elitium will introduce the groundbreaking luxury lifestyle app, which the team is well underway with development.

The lifestyle app will offer an intuitive platform with a streamlined payments process. It will allow Elitium members to buy luxury goods and services, anywhere in the world, at the simple touch-of-a-screen — all thanks to EUM.

To be the first to use the app, sign up to Telegram for launch updates (huge news arriving next week!), or see the current release schedule below:

  • Private Beta: June 2019
  • Public Launch: November 2019

Can’t wait? Click here for a video insight into the luxury lifestyle of tomorrow.

Fueling the Luxury Ecosystem

To enable limitless luxury on an international scale, the Elitium ecosystem will rely on the power of its native cryptocurrency, EUM. The coin will hold several uses that are central to the platform and provide a vital link in the Elitium blockchain, whether:

  • To pay for goods
  • To process transactions and settle fees
  • To close smart contracts

EUM will act as the Elitium Network’s fuel.

The planned supply of 2.5m is the bare minimum needed to power the initial processing requirements of the early stages of the ecosystem itself. Then, as partners onboard into the network, and the user base increases, the supply of EUM within the ecosystem will organically grow.

Elitium will reserve the majority of EUM to use as fuel within the Elitium app: given Elitium will operate an Online ATM and credit card integration offering Fiat-EUM-Fiat exchange, a large portion of EUM will never become available on the exchange market.

Moreover, the supply is pivotal to core in-app activities like renting a yacht, which can cost upwards of a few hundred thousand EUM.

Elitium will distribute additional EUM through luxury events, exclusive giveaways, and other limited-release offerings, adding to the tradable supply. However, the EUM made available for trading purposes will always remain separate from the currency used in the app.

Crucially, there will only ever be a low supply of EUM on exchanges, preserving demand for buying and selling.

Supply: A Break Down

Maximum supply*: 332,200,000 EUM

Circulating Supply (end-2019): 2,500,000 EUM

  • A limited supply made available through exchanges
  • Premier digital asset exchange BitMart as the first listing partner
  • Additional top-tier exchanges to follow the listing on BitMart
  • During 2019, Elitium will distribute EUM every month via exchanges and other exclusive Elitium events
  • Elitium will share a 5-year schedule for limited-volume EUM releases through listings, airdrops, and giveaways at luxury events

*The majority of supply (60%) is reserved and locked for use within the Elitium Network (i.e. online ATM reserves) once the mobile app launches.

What’s In Store in 2020?

In the coming days, Elitium will share the 2020 token release schedule.

Rest assured, numbers will be lower than initially planned, reflecting the above updates as we know you want a sustainable, scalable business as much as we do.

As valued investors and community members, you’re key to the journey, we’re in this together — and we’re in it for the long haul.

If you have any questions regarding this update, join us on Telegram or follow us on Twitter where we will soon announce our first ‘Live Community Q&A!


— Transforming the world of luxury — with a global network for luxury lifestyle and its members through a secure, fast and easy to use payment service on the blockchain.

Elitium Official

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Transforming the luxury experience through Artificial Intelligence, Smart Contracts and Crypto.



— Transforming the world of luxury — with a global network for luxury lifestyle and its members through a secure, fast and easy to use payment service on the blockchain.

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