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How Elitium Will Grow in 2019

Updated coin release schedule: Elitium will release +/- 2.5m EUM via exchange markets in 2019 with the majority of coins either held or circulating within the Elitium ecosystem itself.

  • Circulation of 5m EUM by the end of 2019

Small Cap Listings Beat Blockbuster ICOs

In 2018, Elitium decided against an ICO. Explosive coin offerings are no longer a viable route to market. Too many businesses have raised huge sums via ICO, only to misuse funds at a cost to the investor. The outcome?

Exchanges Enhance Credibility

Where an ICO could hurt a promising launch, listing on the right exchange has the opposite effect. BitMart has built its trusted reputation in the market, and its reliability shines a positive light on partners.

  • The established user base of the exchange will boost any launch
  • Streamlined KYC makes it simpler for investors to participate
  • Rigorous criteria guarantee the integrity and timeliness of the end-to-end investment and payout process

Pending App Release

2019 will see more than just exchange listings. Elitium will introduce the groundbreaking luxury lifestyle app, which the team is well underway with development.

  • Public Launch: November 2019

Fueling the Luxury Ecosystem

To enable limitless luxury on an international scale, the Elitium ecosystem will rely on the power of its native cryptocurrency, EUM. The coin will hold several uses that are central to the platform and provide a vital link in the Elitium blockchain, whether:

  • To process transactions and settle fees
  • To close smart contracts

Supply: A Break Down

Maximum supply*: 332,200,000 EUM

  • Premier digital asset exchange BitMart as the first listing partner
  • Additional top-tier exchanges to follow the listing on BitMart
  • During 2019, Elitium will distribute EUM every month via exchanges and other exclusive Elitium events
  • Elitium will share a 5-year schedule for limited-volume EUM releases through listings, airdrops, and giveaways at luxury events

What’s In Store in 2020?

In the coming days, Elitium will share the 2020 token release schedule.



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