Meet VERA — Luxury, Defined

3 Technologies Could Shape the Future of Luxury

Artificial intelligence, smart contracts and crypto are redefining the world — putting a next-level lifestyle within reach for us all.

Elitium Official
Mar 20 · 7 min read

In a quiet corner of Europe, a government has achieved a world first.

It has set its entire catalog of municipal services online: 24/7 coverage for medical e-prescriptions, tax filing — you can even buy a car without visiting the vehicle registration office.

Using blockchain technology to secure its data; artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate administration; Estonia has beaten its more economically developed counterparts in becoming a genuinely digital society.

Now, the whole population is using its online authentication and signature system, and the efficiency of these e-services has transformed their standard of living.

Estonia is a clear example of how emerging technologies will shape the world.

Concept of the Future

Still, the technologies divide opinion. Where Mark Zuckerberg believes artificial intelligence “will identify and cure diseases, help cars drive more safely, and keep our communities safe.

Elon Musk derides AI as “far more dangerous than nukes.” As for the blockchain, barely a day passes without another controversial outburst.

And yet, opinion hasn’t stopped Amazon’s Alexa from finding its way into 25% of American homes. Yet, while these virtual assistants enhance life, they are barely life-changing — their use of artificial intelligence alone limits what they can achieve.

In a perfect world, a VA would do more.

In a perfect world, a virtual assistant would take care of every aspect of life to free valuable time for maximizing the enjoyment of a newly-luxurious routine, elsewhere.


  • A digital assistant that manages personal data, daily tasks, finances, holidays, work trips — without human intervention
  • A personal e-advisor that suggests the best course of action to meet current objectives and future needs
  • A V.A. that delivers contextual experiences based on where you are, what you’re doing — anticipating not only what you might need, but turning unlikely dreams into achievable realities

Far-fetched, yes — but there’s a team of technologists that believes the blockchain could unlock this vision.

Time is Today’s Luxury

Elitium is transforming the world of luxury with blockchain technology.

The company is building a unique ecosystem that could one day become the ‘world’s leading luxury lifestyle network’ — but the team still spends its nights discussing what luxury means in today’s world.

They’ve reached a conclusion.

True luxury is more than a series of short-lived experiences: say, flying by private jet, vacationing on a superyacht, dining at a top-end restaurant.

In fact, luxury should never be defined by a particular event, or expense, at all.

Time is today’s luxury: moments to yourself; days with loved ones; a weekend to do whatever you like.

Time to enjoy the small luxuries in life

As time is scarce.

So, where existing virtual assistants rely on artificial intelligence to automate concierge-style services (book a flight, share pricing and availability on hotel rooms, coordinate a meeting ), Elitium believes you could create something altogether more sophisticated — if only you combined these AI applications with blockchain technology.

A more secure virtual assistant with near-limitless capabilities to:

  • Store your personal information
  • Coordinate your schedule
  • Manage your outgoings and finances
  • Automate your entire luxury lifestyle

A blockchain-based executive robot assistant that fulfills the dream of lifestyle automation the vision on which this pioneering tech company wants to focus.

Saving time on the tedious to invest time in yourself, elsewhere.

This is the ‘Future of Luxury.’

Building a Virtual Assistant on the Blockchain

Elitium CEO Raoul Milhado believes his team could develop this Virtual Executive Robot Assistant (VERA — for short) using existing applications.

APIs grant access to proven solutions. It’s a matter of layering smart contracts and cryptocurrency over artificial intelligence to create a comprehensive, luxury lifestyle concierge.

Complex, but not reinventing the wheel.


A.I. handles personal requests, drawing on reams of information and applying machine learning to organize data, then return a relevant response to the user.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts streamline processes, automating payments and triggering transactions — with the blockchain securing data to allow the service to run without human intervention.


A native cryptocurrency facilitates immediate international transactions, avoiding the costs and delays of a bank transfer through an easy-to-use payments gateway.


Smartphone applications house every service and feature in one app, including geo-specific offers, instant messaging, cryptocurrency trading and more, for a comprehensive concierge — the Future of Luxury.

As Elitium operates in the luxury sector, the company could enhance its global database of luxury partners with other platforms and data providers — and become the go-to network for anyone wanting access to luxury.

So anyone with a smartphone could access VERA: simply grant Elitium access so that the network’s algorithms could analyze:

  • Personal details
  • Passport information
  • Linked credit cards
  • Social accounts

…to put a world of luxury at your fingertips.

The blockchain secures sensitive information; artificial intelligence levels up the lifestyle.

Users could even personalize the service by giving VERA another name, a gender, answering questions knowing that — the more detail you share, the better the experience will be

In a matter of minutes, you’d have VERA at your disposal.

An assistant you’d feel comfortable requesting anything imaginable, knowing VERA could deliver with absolute discretion.

Anonymous, 24/7 support handling anything you so desire in the most secure of applications— cryptocurrency adding another layer of security and anonymity.

Luxury Perfection

Faultless service has to be accurate and upbeat — and therein lies the beauty of a Virtual Executive Robot Assistant.

Where the average person could slip up, VERA would stand alone in her precision. Where mere mortals could be prone to an emotional swing, VERA would maintain a courteous tone.

No oversights, no stress, no worries.

Without a single vision of luxury, a Virtual Executive Robot Assistant could cover them all.

The Future of Luxury: The Virtual Executive Robot Assistant of the Elitium Network, VERA

Step into a world…

Where VERA files your taxes automatically without error, and without fail. Watch her settle your bills, your rent — with crypto and smart contracts automating transactions.

Enjoy financial planning and investment advice.

Then, should investments go well, suggestions for charitable contributions coupled with an automated savings plan — one that tells you when you’ve saved enough money to, say, take the holiday of a lifetime?

Can’t face the pressure of organizing a break…

VERA will find the perfect destination, select the best date based on your family diary, and uncover hidden gems for you to discover while away — she can even coordinate with school holidays, as required.

No kids? No worries.

You’d prefer a hotspot for party-hopping — VERA knows just the place, and the best time to go.

Should a loved one’s birthday come around, expect a present to arrive, perfectly curated from the Elitium Shop, something you’re other half is delighted with — you couldn’t have picked it better yourself.

Then, a phone call… it’s your mother; she’s also received her gift. (a good thing VERA remembered, you hadn’t!)

And it’s back to the holiday: a confirmation arrives, your hotel’s sorted, flights confirmed — a driver will pick you up from home, take you to the airport, and you’ll have a chauffeur at the other end.

All part of the Elitium package.

And no need to book activities before your trip as smart contracts make organization a gentle summer’s breeze.

Then, a notification flags a discount on a watch you’ve had your eye on — your savings suggest it’s time to buy; you confirm the purchase. VERA knows where you’re staying; the watch will arrive at your hotel on Wednesday.

You think about planning something special for the evening. But why plan?

VERA knows your location, she can suggest a priority event, just say what you want and let VERA arrange the rest.

Dreaming has made you hungry… you put in a request. Ubereats pops up, suggested dishes, VERA knows what you like

Settle back, hours saved.

Thanks to Elitium — a luxury lifestyle is easy to achieve.

Digitizing the Future of Luxury

Luxury means more than jets, bottles, and boats. It’s an experience, a lifestyle, an automated daily routine. Saving time and money in avoiding unwanted activities to free up both time and money to enjoy elsewhere.

It’s a vision based on decades in the industry — and Elitium has plans to turn this dream into a reality.

Elitium’s comprehensive roadmap includes concepts such as an Online ATM: a fiat-crypto-fiat conversion mechanism that could enable the instant conversion of US dollars, Euros or Japanese yen into cryptocurrencies, and vice versa, based on the spot price of a coin.

Want to invest in EUM? Click here for more detail

In the next few years, Elitium could become a gateway into cryptocurrencies for consumers across the globe: a pivotal step that could then pave the way to crypto mass adoption.

No-one knows how blockchain technology will impact the world, but as a pioneer of personal computing put it.

“It’s easier to invent the future than to predict it.” — Alan Kay

Following in Estonia’s footsteps, Elitium could be inventing the future.

Luxury enthusiasts, stay tuned.

The Elitium Network enables the luxury lifestyle for anyone, anywhere, through AI-enhanced concierge, a luxury marketplace and a fiat-crypto exchange mechanism dubbed the ‘Online ATM.’

Click here to discover Elitium’s Future of Luxury, today.


— Transforming the world of luxury — with a global network for luxury lifestyle and its members through a secure, fast and easy to use payment service on the blockchain.

Elitium Official

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Transforming the luxury experience through Artificial Intelligence, Smart Contracts and Crypto.



— Transforming the world of luxury — with a global network for luxury lifestyle and its members through a secure, fast and easy to use payment service on the blockchain.

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