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Meet VERA — Luxury, Defined

3 Technologies Could Shape the Future of Luxury

Artificial intelligence, smart contracts and crypto are redefining the world — putting a next-level lifestyle within reach for us all.

Concept of the Future

Still, the technologies divide opinion. Where Mark Zuckerberg believes artificial intelligence “will identify and cure diseases, help cars drive more safely, and keep our communities safe.

  • A personal e-advisor that suggests the best course of action to meet current objectives and future needs
  • A V.A. that delivers contextual experiences based on where you are, what you’re doing — anticipating not only what you might need, but turning unlikely dreams into achievable realities

Time is Today’s Luxury

Elitium is transforming the world of luxury with blockchain technology.

Time to enjoy the small luxuries in life
  • Coordinate your schedule
  • Manage your outgoings and finances
  • Automate your entire luxury lifestyle

Building a Virtual Assistant on the Blockchain

Elitium CEO Raoul Milhado believes his team could develop this Virtual Executive Robot Assistant (VERA — for short) using existing applications.


A.I. handles personal requests, drawing on reams of information and applying machine learning to organize data, then return a relevant response to the user.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts streamline processes, automating payments and triggering transactions — with the blockchain securing data to allow the service to run without human intervention.


A native cryptocurrency facilitates immediate international transactions, avoiding the costs and delays of a bank transfer through an easy-to-use payments gateway.


Smartphone applications house every service and feature in one app, including geo-specific offers, instant messaging, cryptocurrency trading and more, for a comprehensive concierge — the Future of Luxury.

  • Passport information
  • Linked credit cards
  • Social accounts

Luxury Perfection

Faultless service has to be accurate and upbeat — and therein lies the beauty of a Virtual Executive Robot Assistant.

The Future of Luxury: The Virtual Executive Robot Assistant of the Elitium Network, VERA

Digitizing the Future of Luxury

Luxury means more than jets, bottles, and boats. It’s an experience, a lifestyle, an automated daily routine. Saving time and money in avoiding unwanted activities to free up both time and money to enjoy elsewhere.

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