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The Experts Have Spoken — We Need A Digital Economy, Now More Than Ever.

One hundred and seventy countries will finish 2020 with a smaller economy than at the start of the year. And there will likely be more debt and higher unemployment than we’ve seen for generations.

We stand on the precipice of significant upheaval. What direction will it take?

…Well, that depends.

Some sense a risk of global financial collapse.

They fear faltering economies will only widen inequality, and more acute suffering will ensue. However, an alternative stance — like that of Kristalina Georgieva, IMF Managing Director — is to approach the crisis as an opportunity.

As a once-in-a-lifetime chance to change direction: to build a smarter, fairer world in what we may one day look back upon as…

‘The Great Reset.’

But any type of reset will require investments in equal opportunity and education.

It will call for the reimagination of how society works. And it will mean opening access and opportunity as we look to ‘create value for the many, not just the few.’

The World Economic Forum believes this could all be possible if we pursue the notion of a Digital Economy, of creating a digital infrastructure that rebalances financial access for all.

Presciently, this is precisely the vision that our team at Elitium has been working on since 2017. We have spent three years building products to create a fairer world.

Now, it seems the Elitium Digital Economy cannot arrive soon enough.

Elitium’s Vision For A Digital Economy

Our mission at Elitium is to create value for anyone who uses our products — and our platform has the genuine potential to evolve into our vision to be the world’s first Digital Economy.

— How are we planning to scale to such heights?

Through a considered approach to platform development. And a focus on three foundational values.


We’re building our platform on the blockchain (the ‘Internet of Value,’ as it’s otherwise known) — as by using this technology, we can ensure that value flows freely throughout our borderless ecosystem.

Moreover, we’re overcoming the ‘hurdles to mass adoption’ that overly technical blockchain platforms have faced by focusing on products that are easy-to-use and so accessible to all.

Case in point: the Elitium Staking Program.

The Elitium Staking Program lets users store our native digital currency EUM in a dedicated digital wallet and get up to 6.5% annual rewards every month.

This in itself isn’t revolutionary.

However, our ‘1-click-to-stake’ set up is: because it lets people with very little technical know-how use the product (because you only have to log in and click ‘Stake’).

Moreover, the fact there’s no minimum staking amount — and no lock-up period — ensures anyone can participate.

While direct integrations with cold-storage wallet CoolWallet and digital asset exchange BitMart add two more on-ramps to what could now be the world’s most accessible staking program.


Our focus on accessibility has been important.

However, there’s little value in creating an accessible economy if the underlying store of value isn’t useful — and we’re ensuring a lack of utility will never be the case by creating multiple use cases for EUM.

A crypto debit card will soon be available to anyone, regardless of whether the cardholder has a bank account. And this Elitium Card will let people spend EUM in over 46 million Visa partner stores worldwide.

Meaning even though users won’t need a bank account, they will have access to what is, for all intents and purposes, such a product.

And cardholders will be able to use both the card and the dashboard to send or exchange money — all at low fees — with a planned cashback-program making the offer complete.

While if ever someone wants to store money outside of our Digital Economy, it’s as easy as switching funds back to USD, JPY, EUR, or whatever currency they choose.


We need to educate the world about the opportunities available in a Digital Economy, which could help economies to rediscover growth, especially during these troubled times.

Our Growth Program will offer EUM rewards to people who actively support Elitium, whether by creating educational resources and articles — or just spreading the word.

It’s a way for anyone to ‘earn as they learn.’

And it’s arriving at a crucial time as nearly every country has faced a significant rise in unemployment.

The Growth Program is our way of directly investing in the social fabric of society: and the team believes it could help bring equal access to technology that could one day change the way the world creates and distributes value.

Innovation Can Drive Adoption

One overarching obstacle remains: how can we get the world to trust the digital currency that will power the Elitium Digital Economy?

The answer could lie in innovation.

We continue to build on our foundational cryptocurrency. And each new development only enhances the intrinsic value of EUM, which could ultimately spur adoption.

The latest Elitium creation is a digital share platform called Elitium Capital: a product that lets companies tokenize real-world assets — like luxury hotels, resorts, and other real estate — so that investors can buy digital shares and capitalize on future growth.

Elsewhere, we’re close to launching a smart contract concept that will streamline the process of chartering a yacht — by putting such a task on the blockchain, we can automate nearly every aspect, saving both time and money for everyone involved.

If successful, we can scale the solution into several sectors.

Four Pillars Of The Elitium Digital Economy

When looked at in its entirety, the Elitium ecosystem lends significant value to EUM — and the fact our digital currency underpins the four pillars of our Digital Economy could make the currency appealing to society at large.

Given its utility, it’s little surprise that EUM has performed so well against nearly every other asset, even during the unfolding global crisis.

Plus, our coin’s popularity only continues to grow in the cryptocurrency space. If the surge continues, EUM could one day become one of the most attractive digital currencies for real-world use.

More than that: it could spur adoption of the world’s first Digital Economy.

If it does, the experts will get their wish.

Discover more about the Elitium Digital Economy — read the whitepaper to learn our full vision or create an account to see the early possibilities for yourself.

Note that this is purely educational content and NOT financial advice. Cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile and unpredictable, so always make your own research before investing.



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