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7 min readJul 13, 2021


Technology once promised to democratize wealth creation.

But the truth is: it’s only made the rich richer as other communities sink into despair. Then, the pandemic heightened this inequality.

As the COVID crisis peaked in July 2020, the world’s billionaires increased their wealth by 27.5% in just three months, while those around them lost jobs and had to turn to the government for a financial lifeline.

But now, we have an innovation that could turn the tide.

The blockchain can democratize wealth creation — but first, those who’ve enjoyed financial good fortune must work to push it into the mainstream.

That’s what Elitium is trying to enable by building a trusted, compliant, and secure wealth management platform. Giving investors a way to build wealth and diversify their portfolio with cryptocurrency, decentralized finance, and digital assets.

In doing so, we’re introducing mainstream investors to Finance 3.0. And as we do, we’re helping spur the mass adoption of the blockchain.

Working To Rebuild Trust And Credibility

That said, despite recent surges, cryptocurrency still suffers from past demons.

The rush of 2017 burned everyday investors, with pump-and-dump schemes leaving some on the edge of bankruptcy.

Now, those building blockchain solutions are having to rebuild trust. Which is why Elitium has focused on establishing a business model that generates a sustainable cash flow (in place of running an ICO or pursuing other means of public financing).

And thanks to a family of investment products that now includes the Elitium Card, Elitium Capital, and our wealth management platform, we’re growing scalable revenue streams that mean we’ll never have to sell tokens just to survive.

The strategy has already allowed us to attract several high-profile clients. And with 46.8m millionaires worldwide, owning a combined wealth of $158.3 trillion, we only need 0.11% of them to invest $25,000 for Elitium to hit $1.25 billion AUM.

This number, coupled with our solution’s integrity, would be a game-changer. But why would 50,000 investors trust their wealth to Elitium?

Let’s cover that now.

The Elitium Ecosystem

Elitium is building much more than a wealth management platform. We’re developing products to power a new type of economy, connecting the old world to the new.

The Elitium ecosystem spans decentralized finance, digital shares, cryptocurrency, and other blockchain-enabled assets — bridging traditional finance and the blockchain by focusing on compliance, ease-of-entry, and simplicity.

The ecosystem comprises six central elements:

  1. Elitium Platform: The technology stack that enables investments in crypto, DeFi, and tokenized assets, delivering a premium crypto experience.
  2. Elitium Capital: The tokenization platform giving accredited investors a way to buy digital shares in luxury real estate, unique art, even top-level sports stars.
  3. Elitium NFT Marketplace: A platform for auctioning and selling NFTs, showcased during the inaugural NFT BAZL exhibition just before Blockchain Week Miami.
  4. Elitium Card: An on-brand debit and credit card, enabling users to spend funds and yields at 40m+ merchants worldwide, as well as accessing an IBAN.
  5. EUM Cryptocurrency: The native digital currency at the heart of our innovative banking solutions and unique luxury marketplace, delivering a simple onramp into the ecosystem alongside ensuring negligible platform fees.
  6. Elitium Network: The unique combination of platform and investors, working together to grow wealth and have a global impact as one.

Ultimately, this ecosystem can enable Elitium’s mission to ‘unite investors to create a positive impact, redefining the investment landscape.

And while we’re not claiming to know how to build the perfect future. We do know that if we bring the right resourceful people to the table, we can create a future characterized by independence, value, and growth.

As you can see, we have the fundamentals in place to turn this future into a reality.

Elitium Fundamentals

We’ve spent four years laying the foundations for growth. Here are the fundamentals that power Elitium.

Native Cryptocurrency EUM

EUM is Elitium’s native cryptocurrency. It’s an Ethereum-based ERC-20 token that acts as the fuel of our wealth management platform.

EUM powers specific products within the ecosystem, including staking and masternodes (which return APY to investors). It also facilitates essential functions within our broader decentralized economy.

And it allows us to eliminate platform fees on deposits, withdrawals, or remittances to other Elitium clients (and if a transaction generates a fee, say, converting USDT to EUM, this goes straight back into the ecosystem).

Why Is The Maximum EUM Supply 332,200,000?

Elitium designed EUM to become an everyday currency. As such, there must be enough tokens to strike a balance between inflation and the cost of goods.

After all, a currency is only useful if a consumer doesn’t have to pay 0.00001223 EUM for a morning coffee. At the same time, the limited supply ensures people don’t end up paying 1,000s of EUM, just for a loaf of bread.

How Do You Manage The Outstanding Treasury?

There are just over 30,000,000 EUM currently in circulation (Elitium has followed, and will continue to follow, a slow-release strategy that’s guided by the pace of adoption).

Current beneficiaries are primarily clients of the Elitium App beta version. But we are due to launch the full v1 app shortly, at which time platform usage will increase and, if demand increases, we will release more funds.

In time, other utilities will also grow demand for EUM, including the Elitium Card, currency swaps, and a higher number of stakers. Still, we have no plans to release tokens to the market before 2022 unless demand signals we need to increase the supply.

Moreover, any release will be preceded by an official report on and communicated on social media, including Telegram and Twitter.

The remaining tokens sit in an independent Escrow cold storage account, managed by The E&T Europe Foundation. And while founders and investors own a portion of the treasury, release depends on hitting milestones and following a predefined lock-up.

What Is Elitium’s Regulatory Standing?

Elitium trades as Elitium Ltd, with a registered headquarters at 57/63 Line Wall Road, GX11 1AA, Gibraltar. Our company number is GICO.117899–51.

The company also operates an Estonian subsidiary, Elitium Services OÜ, under company number 14852362. The Estonian presence has enabled us to apply for a license to provide a ‘service of exchanging a virtual currency against a fiat currency’ and a ‘virtual currency wallet service.’

We expect to receive both licenses from the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit shortly. We have also applied for the DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) license in Gibraltar to create a hybrid license setup to be fully compliant across Europe and the UK.

Elitium also has a memorandum of advice from reputable Gibraltar law firm and blockchain specialist Hassans, confirming EUM is a utility token.

How Do You Protect Client Funds?

The Elitium team has spent four years establishing one of the most robust security setups in the industry.

On the one hand, we have a matrix of insurance solutions covering risks such as smart contract failures and potential price manipulation. Three separate policies provide extensive coverage, with inSure, Union, and Nexus Mutual acting as principal insurance providers.

We also work with the AMDAX Group: the Netherlands’ first crypto asset manager registered with the Dutch Central Bank. AMDAX acts as Elitium’s official custody partner, ensuring client funds sit in a highly regulated, highly sophisticated cold storage solution.

Elitium CTO Jean-Pierre Morand has been working in cybersecurity since 1997. And he’s built a dedicated security infrastructure, using in-house smart contracts to protect client liquidity pools when locking funds into DeFi smart contracts.

Bridging Traditional Finance And Blockchain

As Voltaire said, ‘Paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value — zero.’ 2020 was the year traditional finance acknowledged the same.

In no uncertain terms: we must now replace paper with digital. We must use cryptocurrency to power economic growth. The security and simplicity of Elitium’s platform can be the enabler and driver of this step-change.

Our solution can bridge traditional finance and the blockchain, unlocking a prosperous future for us all.

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About Elitium

Elitium is the world’s most trusted crypto wealth management platform. Through products that include decentralized finance, tokenized assets, and blockchain-specific protocols, Elitium provides exposure to leading cryptocurrency investments.

And thanks to the Elitium team’s proven track record and unrivaled experience, the platform operates within existing regulatory frameworks, enabling trusted, compliant, and secure access to digital assets for investors at every level.

For more information: check out the Elitium App and follow Elitium on Twitter.




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