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One Ecosystem — Three Coins — All on EOS

The “Real World” Value of EOS

Emerging applications show the top-ranked platform supports a variety of use cases

Innovation x Innovation = Disruption

Disruptions can take an age to materialize, then take hold as-if overnight, once forces combine. It wasn’t until 1994 — ten years after the birth of the internet — that Jeff Bezos considered the world wide web sufficiently evolved to handle his global vision of eCommerce.

Top Ranked Platform

EOS has retained its top spot in the latest ranking of public blockchain projects. The innovative protocol surpassed Ethereum for the first time since rankings were released — and topped the list since June 2018.

The Enabler

Elitium is building a platform to ‘transform the world of luxury’ by connecting a network of top-end brands and service providers with a global clientele, ultimately, streamlining the luxury lifestyle.

One Ecosystem, Multiple Coin Solutions

In building on EOS, Elitium can create the ultimate in scalable technologies: a platform that’s capable of processing thousands of high-volume transactions per second, which is a capability few decentralized networks have been able to achieve, to-date.

EUMI: Tokenized Insurance

EUMI will represent the world’s first tokenized insurance for a coin that offers next-level protection, adding to the inherent security of a typical cryptocurrency.

EUMX: Bespoke Loyalty

EUMX is the Elitium Network’s showcase loyalty program through which consumers will receive rewards for spending within the ecosystem.

  • Your receive your reward in EUMX
  • You re-invest your coins in works from the Cobra Art Company

Discover the Luxury Lifestyle

Projects in crypto often claim innovation, where few achieve anything of note. In contrast, Elitium is well on its way to unveiling a platform that will transform luxury, loyalty, and insurance.



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