This Is What Crypto Wealth Management Should Look Like.

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From building the world’s #1 crypto wealth management platform — to creating the world’s most powerful investor network: let’s walk through how Elitium uses crypto and DeFi to generate higher yields for clients like you.

Every start-up is a story of evolution.

When we founded Elitium in 2017, our focus was to unlock a new level of luxury enabled by blockchain technology.

But we’ve moved with the times — and with the tech. And now, four years on, while we’re still set on creating an exclusive experience, we’ve turned our attention to a farther-reaching mission.

Elitium exists to redefine the investment landscape, uniting like-minded investors to create a global impact.

We plan to do this via an ecosystem that spans DeFi, tokenized assets, crypto, and alternative investments, bridging ‘traditional finance and the blockchain’ by focusing on compliance, ease-of-access, and simplicity.

— ‘And what will power this new ecosystem?’ you ask. The product we’ve been working on these last three years.

The soon-to-launch Elitium App: a blockchain-powered wealth management platform providing HNW investors with an easy-to-use, compliant way to secure their wealth and diversify their portfolio.

That’s where we’re at, but as we mentioned at the start: this isn’t how the journey began, allow us to explain.

The Backstory

In 2017, Elitium was little more than an idea: to use the blockchain to enhance the luxury experience.

Raoul Milhado explored how this could work by integrating cryptocurrency payments at his successful yacht chartering venture. The project led him to now-Elitium CEO Jean-Pierre Morand — the technical specialist working on blockchain technology since 2013 — and their first meeting set big wheels in motion.

The duo evolved the concept from a simple payments solution to smart contract-led efficiencies. Their ultimate ambition? To streamline processes, like yacht charters, using this innovative technology. And the more they discussed the concept with prospective partners, the clearer it became.

The industry was yearning for an ecosystem to unite luxury services, including concierges, private jets, and yacht charters, leveraging synergies to benefit the end-user. This journey has taken more than three years.

And in that time, blockchain technology has matured significantly. There’s now less of a focus on mere spending, with the world considering how the new infrastructure can enable smarter alternative assets.

Decentralized finance and tokenization lead the industry narrative. But there hasn’t been a solution to bridge these new opportunities and traditional markets. At least, not until Elitium developed its crypto wealth management platform.

The company has spent the last three years building it, ignoring the hype of ICOs to privately fund its way to a solution that tackles:

  • Regulatory concerns, security, and compliance
  • High volatility
  • Technical barriers

And now venture capital firms, institutional funds, asset managers, family offices, and private investors alike have a secure onramp into blockchain-enabled investments.

Here’s what you can expect from the Elitium crypto wealth management platform.

Limited Access With A High-Touch Service

At Elitium, we want to ensure every client enjoys the best possible service. That’s why, at launch, we’ll roll our platform out on a ‘limited access’ basis.

Just fifty thought-leaders will receive an invite to experience the Elitium ecosystem. Which will give our team the chance to collect invaluable feedback and tweak the user experience. Once complete, we’ll welcome more clients, still ‘by invite-only.’

If you’re fortunate enough to receive an invite code, be it from Elitium or an existing client, you’ll be able to join the platform directly. But for those without a code, your only hope — for the time being, at least — is to apply.

We’ll admit applicants to the waiting list and accept new clients in limited numbers. But we cannot guarantee when you’ll be able to use the platform.

HNW Investors Get Preferred Access

To help us deliver an experience that investors like you expect, we have to pace ourselves. So when we launch, we’ll also prioritize HNW clients who are willing to make a minimum deposit of $25,000.

The reason being, if we onboard clients who intend to use the platform for strategic, long-term growth, we’ll be in a better position to invest in optimizing its functionality, benefiting everyone who arrives on the platform in the future.

This way, when we open the doors more widely, everyone will get a top-tier service, irrespective of how many clients we have in five, fifteen, or fifty years’ time. And eventually, we’ll remove all restrictions, opening the service to anyone looking to diversify their portfolio into crypto.

Connecting the old world to the new.

If You Value Quality, You’ll Value Elitium

Let’s get one thing straight: our intention has never been, and will never be, to exclude people from our platform, far from it.

We simply want to evolve in a way that allows us to maintain a premium service, no matter how broad our offering gets. And the only way to ensure this is to start by focusing on the type of investor who actively seeks it out.

So — if you’re an investor who wants:

  • Personalized Onboarding: with detailed explanations of each feature and the chance to influence the future shape of the platform;
  • Ongoing Support: including a live chat and phone hotline there to answer all your investment questions;
  • Detailed Documentation: think transaction receipts, account statements, downloadable exports for tax reporting (in CSV or PDF);
  • Insurance Coverage: with Nexus Mutual safeguarding your crypto assets against Elitium-side issues, including hacks leading to lost funds.

Then Elitium is the crypto wealth management platform for you — but what actual products await?

Let’s dive into that next.

Investment Products Available At Elitium

When you first access the Elitium App, you’ll see a selection of investment and savings products. Here’s what you can use at launch:


The balance page details the funds available across your crypto and fiat wallets. You can use the page to deposit and withdraw at any time. Or, if you want to send currency to another Elitium client, you can do so instantly with no fees.

You’ll be able to store the following cryptocurrencies: EUM, USDT, and PAXG — alongside the following local currencies: USD, EUR, and GBP.


The investment page is all about creating value, covering a range of low-to-high risk products that offer yields reflecting the risk level. You’ll also see a portfolio overview with total growth and projected yields to help you understand your position at a glance.

The standard products include:

  • Staking (EUM) — up to 7.9% APY
  • Masternodes (EUM) — up to 28% APY
  • USD Stable Savings (USDT) — up to 5% APY
  • DeFi Gold Saving (PAXG) — up to 1.2% APY
  • Locked Staking (EUM, USDT, PAXG) — up to 8.1% APY

Plus, an invite-only Premium Staking service will offer the same APY as Locked Staking, but without any lock-up.

As an aside: you’ll note the APY is ‘up to.’

This is because DeFi rewards fluctuate based on each protocol’s variables (for EUM, it’s determined by Proof of Stake; for DeFi, it’s based on the smart contract setup), meaning Elitium cannot guarantee a fixed APY, but we can offer a guideline.

Taking the yields into account, clients are free to allocate funds as they prefer — or you can ask Elitium to design your perfect portfolio.

While an ‘Edit Allocation’ tool lets you adjust allocations whenever you like.

Coming Later in 2021

What you’ll see at launch is by no means all you’re going to get. Throughout the year, we’ll integrate new features and functionalities, including:

Moreover, we’ll introduce core investment features, like dollar-cost averaging, letting investors schedule a recurring investment (daily, weekly, monthly) into a specific product, constantly re-balancing your entry price.

The Elitium Card will be available starting Q4 of 2021.

How to Leverage the Tier Model

When you come to use the Elitium App, it’s also important to consider our Tier Model. The app offers a higher APY across each product based on your account balance, so it’s worth depositing more to maximize your portfolio’s growth potential.

Moreover, Elitium incentivizes clients to hold EUM. You can expect benefits like lower transaction fees and early-access to Elitium Capital offerings if you do.

Security Will Always Be Top-Of-Mind

Let’s wrap things up by focusing on a core aspect of Elitium: client funds’ security.

We work tirelessly at Elitium to bring you an experience that is at least as secure as what you get at a bank. And we do this through several strategies. First, we develop our technology in-house.

This means we use our own smart contracts to lock assets in DeFi pools. And we never rely on a protocol like Compound to secure your funds, meaning your money is safe from third-party hacks, failures, or price manipulation.

Where we do integrate third-party services, we only do so after extensive due diligence, using this quality control process to ensure all partners and products meet our exacting standards, handpicking them based on proven models and industry experience.

And we’ve already covered the insurance offered by Nexus Mutual, which acts as a second layer of protection for funds held with AMDAX: our official custody partner regulated by the Dutch Central Bank.

We also follow the strictest of internal operating protocols:

  • State-of-the-art cold wallet infrastructure keeps funds secure
  • 2FA, anti-phishing codes, and address whitelists enhance client security
  • Strict internal admin rights policies restrict the data Elitium can see

Finally, an emergency support hotline means you’re never more than a phone call away from Elitium Client Support.

The security of our clients and their funds is the highest priority at Elitium.

Prepare For Smarter Wealth Management

The Elitium App will launch to a limited client base in April 2021. But that’s not to say you can’t put your name on the waiting list.

While we can’t guarantee when you’ll get access to the services, you’ll be first in line to join once we open the platform to a broader client base. Until then, stay up-to-date with everything we’re working on here at Elitium.

Let Elitium help you manage your crypto wealth: apply today by clicking this link.



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