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This Is What Crypto Wealth Management Should Look Like.

The Backstory

  • Regulatory concerns, security, and compliance
  • High volatility
  • Technical barriers

Limited Access With A High-Touch Service

HNW Investors Get Preferred Access

Connecting the old world to the new.

If You Value Quality, You’ll Value Elitium

  • Personalized Onboarding: with detailed explanations of each feature and the chance to influence the future shape of the platform;
  • Ongoing Support: including a live chat and phone hotline there to answer all your investment questions;
  • Detailed Documentation: think transaction receipts, account statements, downloadable exports for tax reporting (in CSV or PDF);
  • Insurance Coverage: with Nexus Mutual safeguarding your crypto assets against Elitium-side issues, including hacks leading to lost funds.

Investment Products Available At Elitium


  • Staking (EUM) — up to 7.9% APY
  • Masternodes (EUM) — up to 28% APY
  • USD Stable Savings (USDT) — up to 5% APY
  • DeFi Gold Saving (PAXG) — up to 1.2% APY
  • Locked Staking (EUM, USDT, PAXG) — up to 8.1% APY

Coming Later in 2021

The Elitium Card will be available starting Q4 of 2021.

How to Leverage the Tier Model

Security Will Always Be Top-Of-Mind

  • State-of-the-art cold wallet infrastructure keeps funds secure
  • 2FA, anti-phishing codes, and address whitelists enhance client security
  • Strict internal admin rights policies restrict the data Elitium can see
The security of our clients and their funds is the highest priority at Elitium.

Prepare For Smarter Wealth Management



Discover value. Elitium is a blockchain-enabled ecosystem, designed to unleash the ultimate luxury lifestyle.

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