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Why Use A Native Currency To Power Elitium?

Elitium is building more than an ecosystem.

We’re creating a Digital Economy. And every economy — be it digital or otherwise — requires an efficient means of value exchange to function.

Given our economy will be , we chose to find a medium of exchange. Something to power low-cost, cross-border transactions as much as custom smart contracts: a digital currency we knew would be around next year, next decade, and for centuries to come.

Yet, when we started Elitium, we couldn’t see any digital currency that satisfied our every need, so we designed our own. It’s a native cryptocurrency called EUM.

But what is EUM? And how does it power Elitium?

Well, let’s take a look.

The World’s #1 Luxury Cryptocurrency

Broadly speaking, EUM is the world’s favorite luxury cryptocurrency.

Technically speaking, it’s the ERC-20 utility token we’re using to build an economy that incorporates FinTech, DeFi, and luxury living.

It’s these expansive use-cases that necessitate a native digital currency. As few, if any, existing cryptocurrency can support the range of applications we’re looking to build, nor can we customize one to do what we want.

Whereas having our own native currency gives us full freedom to create, to innovate — with complete confidence that we can make EUM a stable presence in everyday life.

What role might EUM play in your life? We can already see several.

  • Luxury Crypto Card

EUM will be one of 13 cryptocurrencies you can spend using your Elitium Luxury Crypto Card. And when you spend EUM, you’ll earn up to 1% cash-back rewards on every purchase — while you can also stake your EUM card balance to get an extra 6.5% rewards on idle funds.

  • Supercharged Luxury Experiences

EUM will be central to enabling Elitium’s custom smart contracts, which will unlock efficiencies for experiences like yacht charters. The cost-effective, quick, and secure solution will help people like you get on-board quicker — and businesses like ours save time and money by eliminating needless admin.

  • Low Cost, No Fees

Perhaps most importantly, in the context of a digital economy, EUM will help eliminate most of the costs associated with spending money. No more paying to deposit, transact, or withdraw funds.

Instead, use EUM to buy what you want, anywhere in the world, without worrying about fees — or invest in digital shares in a luxury hotel at next-to-no cost.

What Benefits Does Ethereum Bring?

Every cryptocurrency needs solid foundations to achieve long-standing success.

If you’re wondering why we chose to be an ERC-20 token, there’s your answer: we trust Ethereum will remain one of the most robust foundations out there.

It’s also compatible with nearly every major exchange and cryptocurrency wallet there is, only advancing our mission to become a cryptocurrency with everyday use — plus:

  • It’s getting more scalable by the day
  • Latency is going down
  • And as far as costs are concerned, its structure aligns with our low cost, low fee model…

…meaning we can continue to deliver value to all our users.

Stake. Spend. Trade. Invest. Discover how you can use EUM today.



Discover value. Elitium is a blockchain-enabled ecosystem, designed to unleash the ultimate luxury lifestyle.

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