Implement a Basic block/yield with Elixir

Mustafa Turan
Feb 23, 2017 · 1 min read

With powerful macros, Elixir language allows you to code magic without pain. Sometimes, you might need to run a snippet of code before and after execution of a block of code on several function calls. For instance, you need to measure the time elapsed in code blocks, then Elixir macros will run for help.

defmodule TimeFrame do
defmacro execute(name, units \\ :micro_seconds, do: yield) do
quote do
start = System.monotonic_time(unquote(units))
result = unquote(yield)
time_spent = System.monotonic_time(unquote(units)) - start
IO.puts("Executed #{unquote(name)} in #{time_spent} #{unquote(units)}")

Let’s run a piece of code and print automatically how much time was spent.

require TimeFrameresult1 = 
TimeFrame.execute "ti1" do
3 + 5 * 912312313123
# Executed ti1 in 5 micro_seconds
# 4561561565618
result2 =
TimeFrame.execute "ti2", :seconds do
3 + 5
# sth
# Executed ti2 in 0 seconds
# 8

In case, you need to use the result of executions; ‘result1’ will be assigned to value ‘4561561565618’ and ‘result2’ will be assigned to value ‘8’.

Lastly, if you don’t want to use always ‘unquote’ to access vars inside quote block, you can use ‘bind_quoted’.

Happy coding with ❤!


Elixir, OTP, Phoenix Framework, Ecto

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