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2 min readApr 22, 2022

Elk’s farming emissions will undergo the first yearly halving on the 24th of April, as specified in the litepaper. Read below for changes to farms and emissions.

$ELK Token Halving: Changes to emissions & farms.

This Sunday, the 24th of April, farms and single staking rewards will halve across the 16 chains that Elk supports. In other words: the inflation rate of Elk will be half as much, or the supply of Elk brought into circulation through liquidity mining will be reduced by 50%.

According to Elk’s tokenomics, there are a total of 10 million tokens allocated for liquidity provision and distribution through farm emissions.

Halving schedule:

  • 1st year: 5 million ELK tokens distributed.
  • 2nd year: 2.5 million ELK tokens distributed.
  • 3rd year: 1.25 million ELK tokens distributed.
  • 4th year: 0.625 million ELK tokens distributed.

Along with the halving, there have been some minor emission redistributions. The Elk Team made these changes based on a few factors: initiatives, activity, and volume per network.

Elk Rushooors, rest at ease. In celebration of the outstanding support for the Elk Rush: Avalanche, emissions on all partner farms on the Avalanche ElkDex will remain the same for the duration of the campaign.

Chain Emission Revisions

Chain total emissions adjustments #1
Chain total emissions adjustments #2

Single Stake $ELK revisions

Single stake emissions adjustments #1
Single stake emissions adjustments #1

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