Elk Weekly Recap — #4

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3 min readAug 9, 2021


Week in review

  • Huobi Wallet. HECO’s (Huobi Eco Chain) main wallet. In addition to HECO they also recently added support for Polygon. It spans multiple tokens, multiple chains, and multiple dApps. Of which, Elk’s dApp is now featured. Swapping, farming, and ElkNet bridging are all available! (Read more: link to tweet)
  • Mandarins. A brand new application for the Avalanche ecosystem. Runs on iOS, and helps track your holdings. (Read more: link to tweet)
  • Golff Protocol partnership. HECO has been at the spotlight for us recently. First, the Huobi wallet integration. And now, Golff has partnered with us. They’re a HECO-native DeFi application with multiple passive earning options. Recently they pushed over $20,000,000 in TVL on HECO. Through our partnership: Golff users can now earn ELK via their GOF pool. ( Read more: link to tweet.)
  • Elk’s V2 platform updates. Behind the scenes, we’ve been working on reinventing Elk. Architecting user experience from the ground up. Turning things up a few levels & at first redesigning the UI with minor differences to the structure. After that is done, we’ll implement a V2 of the redesign with a lot of custom components to enhance the user experience. ( Read more: link to tweet. )
  • Elk Academy Lesson #2 about yield farming. The latest lesson can be here. We also got published on HackerNoon. We aim to onboard newcomers to DeFi through quality content that provides insights starting from the very basics of DeFi. Our first Elk Academy lesson about the basics of liquidity can be found from here.

We’re proving our worth. ElkNet is stunningly fast and at the lowest possible price.

If you’re yet to give ElkNet a go, try it. It’s incredibly simple. Transfer something small, test it out. You’ll see why the community is raving about its release.

Coming soon

We are hard at work as always. Prepping new features, new integrations, and new bounds forwards. There are some vital things to remember this week.

BSC and xDAI launches

BSC and xDAI dual-launch. We will release a detailed article this week. As if launching on either chain weren’t enough, we’re prepping a double whammy that will hopefully put the impermanent loss protection feature to good use. In simple terms, we’ll be on both Binance Smart Chain and xDai.

ElkNet upgrades.

ElkNet is working beautifully. Because it has gone so well … We’ve decided to plug in some more chains. We’ll leave you to speculate on which ones. Just know that we’re eager to fulfill our vision to make cross-chain as easy as possible.

Increased Elk transfer limits. You can now transfer 2000 ELK at a time. Up 1000 ELK from previously. We’re rolling this out in steps.

Bridging to a different address. Using ElkNet for yourself is great. To better this, we’re working on supporting transfers to a different address. Any address, on any of the many networks we’re currently supporting.

The next NFTs.

The next Moose NFTs will find their way to Huobi Eco (HECO). There will be a total of 100 as with every previous collection. Proceeds from the NFT sale will be used to bootstrap liquidity on both BSC and xDai.


  • Tin.network support for Polygon, Fantom Opera and Huobi Eco. After launching on BSC, support for the latter will also be added.

About Elk Finance

Elk Finance is a decentralized network for cross-chain liquidity. ElkNet, its cutting-edge multi-chain protocol, makes it easy for anyone to move value and exchange cryptocurrencies across blockchains quickly and securely at a low cost.

The ElkNet framework also lets developers imagine and build novel cross-chain applications. To date, ElkNet supports Avalanche, Polygon (Matic), Fantom Opera Network & Huobi ECO Chain.

Links to our website, charts & community channels can all be found here.

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