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ElkNet & ElkDex Launch Update

Launch Update

ElkDex and ElkNet will launch as scheduled today at 16:00 UTC.

To account for the dual launch, however, farms will be pushed back by a day. This will give new and existing users time to take advantage of ElkNet and fill liquidity pools before rewards start

ElkNet will allow you to move $ELK seamlessly between all six supported chains, and the DEX will be live on all six chains too.

You will also be able to pair tokens to provide liquidity, and earn 0.3% from fees, from 16:00 UTC on BSC and xDAI.

Note: Farming will not be affected on Avalanche, Polygon, Fantom Opera or Huobi Eco networks.

Below you can find the complete lists of the incentivized farms we will be launching on BSC and xDai. Please follow on Twitter, Telegram and Discord for the announcement of when farms will be live on our new chains.

Ordered top-down, left to right, based on the emission values (native pairs bearing the most daily $ELK rewards):

BSC NFT Giveaway

Post-launch, farms on the two new networks will enjoy a community campaign for a chance to win our first NFT on BSC (not a Moose NFT). We will announce this campaign shortly after all airdrops have been distributed and farms have gone live.

About Elk Finance

Elk.Finance is a decentralized network for cross-chain liquidity. ElkNet, its cutting-edge multi-chain protocol, makes it easy for anyone to move value and exchange cryptocurrencies across blockchains quickly and securely at a low cost.

The ElkNet framework also lets developers imagine and build novel cross-chain applications.

Links to our website, charts & community channels can all be found here.

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