Kava EVM Bridge Launch, Scrub.Money liquidity and volatility rules supreme — Lodge Letter #63

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4 min readNov 11, 2022

The markets are awash with craziness, another massive player in crypto demonstrates that real value and innovation lies in proper decentralization and permissionless systems. ElkNet keeps growing: Kava EVM is now available for cross-chain bridging via ElkNet. Scrub Money are on Kava too.

Kava Integration

Our ElkNet cross-chain bridge was deployed on Kava recently. This opens the Cosmos doors for cross-chain movement between our supported chains and the multitude of ecosystems in the IBC world. The Kava Team is a delight to work with, and we are fortunate and grateful for the Kava Rise incentives we are being assigned for supporting the chain.

With Scrub Money successfully deployed on Kava, it’s looking like a good place to be. And ElkDex is happy to host the liquidity for their LION, TIGER and BEAR tokens. Approximately 300k USD in liquidity was added to Kava ElkDex to support Scrub’s move to their new Kava home.

KPerp Exchange

Talking of Kava, there is a new perpetual exchange getting ready for launch there in the next few weeks. KPerp Exchange, a fork of the highly successful and genuinely real-yield perpetual exchange, Metavault.trade on Polygon, is on its way to Kava. ElkDex will be the host for their initial liquidity following their pre-sale this month. Find out more in their Medium article that outlines the timeline for their big entrance.

It’s an exciting time for Kava EVM and Elk is delighted to help with Dex support and the future cross-chain infrastructure required by our new partners. Some cool things are being built and Elk loves building them.

Tron Hackathon

Elk is delighted to be participating in the Tron Grand Hackathon Season Three. By bringing the ElkNet to Tron via Bittorrent Chain (BTTC) we are looking to pave a way for users to explore DeFi further, and empower developers to connect themselves to a wider world using our ElkNet Bridge-as-a-Service SDK.

Have a look at our proposal here, where Snake’s video explainer presents ElkNet: Elk’s Tron Hackathon Entry


We acknowledge that sometimes it seems like Elk is somewhat swan-like as it cruises the cross-chain rivers, explores the reeds and tributaries of ecosystems, and periodically flies to other blockchains. We also must admit that you don’t know just how much frantic paddling is happening under the water, and how much careful feather cleaning and nest-building is underway.

Along with the constant efforts on the ElkNet itself, the Farming-as-a-Service contracts are being honed, cross-chain swaps, oracles and rebalancing services are all under development. And the Bridging-as-a-Service SDK is also in the workshop every day. With security and safety being absolutely paramount, we are committed to making sure we present the best technology to the world that we can.

The temptation to rush out releases is huge, although perhaps less so in the bear market. With the tumultuous times occurring, this week especially, there is something that WE HAVE TO STATE, just like Leo in Wolf of Wall Street:

“We’re not leaving!”

Elk Finance the product, Elk Finance the team, Elk Finance the vision for a cross-chain future is here for the whole journey. And it’s a journey without limits, without boundaries, without an end. We are nomadic interoperability pioneers, constantly searching for the best solution to problems that exist now, and those that will undoubtedly appear in the future.

And always remember, ElkNet needs $ELK, BaaS needs $ELK, cross-chain swaps need $ELK. It’s the glue that binds Elk Finance together. Utility $ELK.

Website Easter Egg

Moose airdrops

The current market situation has led to an adjustment to the Moose airdrops previously enjoyed. $ELK is available for distribution through single staking, liquidity provision and exchanges. The most recent chain deployment (Kava) will not trigger an airdrop, nor will future chain additions.

Expect further details about the future of the Moose NFT. It is looking pretty juicy!

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