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Lodge Letter #36: Avalanche Summit Edition

ElkNet v2, new Elk dApp, governance, token upgrade, halvening–it’s all happening! Plus: Team Elk departs for the #AvaxSummit

Greetings Elks,

Today’s letter will be shorter, since most of the team is traveling to Barcelona for the Avalanche Summit, which starts tomorrow and runs through the weekend. We’ll be out and about in the city wearing our Elk t-shirts, so if you spot one of us in the wild, be sure to say hi (we may even have some swag for you!).

We’ll be announcing some impromptu meet-ups throughout the week, but here are two dates to put on your calendar:

  • Friday, March 25 @ 17:00 local time: Friday Night Social: Live Edition! (Telegram)
  • Saturday, March 26 @ 12:15 local time: Official Elk Hackathon Workshop: “The Multi-chain Future”

There’s also been a metric tonne of protocol news, however, and we want to keep you informed in case you missed anything. Elk Finance celebrated its 1st anniversary on Saturday, and it should be clear from all the announcements that we’re just getting started. To catch you up to speed, let us direct you to two Medium posts that deserve your attention (if you’ve got 9 minutes to spare):

The first article covers the beta release of the new Elk dApp, which is optimized for mobile. The updated UI is clean, sleek, and intuitive, and marks the first release in a larger UX redesign. The beta link is live now; please submit any bugs you encounter or suggestions via this Google form.

The second article is a biggie. It covers the long-awaited release of ElkNet v2, which comes with an ELK token upgrade, the inaugural governance vote, and the first annual halvening event. It’s highly recommended reading since a TL;DR is nearly impossible, but the key takeaways and dates are:

  • ElkNet v2 + token upgrade launches on April 9
  • During the token upgrade, users will vote on a revised ELK tokenomics
  • New farms will be live from April 9; current farms end April 12, providing some overlap
  • If you upgrade in the first few days, you will be entered into a raffle for 100 ELK (200 winners)
  • The first annual token halving takes place on April 24

Finally, on April 8, the day before the launch, there will be a special pre-launch Telegram AMA. Come with questions!

If you are joining us in Barcelona this week, be sure to follow local rules for elevator capacity!

[Image courtesy of Team Elk + the Barcelona Fire & Rescue Service]

Have a great week 😁



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