Bay Area Makers & Blockchain Enthusiasts, Visit us at the Maker Faire!

A few months ago I announced starting our new company Elkrem, connecting makers to the Blockchain. This weekend we are happy to announce we are sponsoring the 13th annual Bay Area Maker Faire in San Mateo, California. Islam (CTO), Eslam (Embedded Systems Engineer) and I will be in zone 2, booth# 2427.

Check out our activities below and come ask us about Blockchain technology!

Bitcoin Candy Vending Machine

Bitcoin candy machine at Noisebridge Hackerspace, San Francisco, February ‘18

At our booth, we will be showcasing a DIY Arduino based Candy machine that you pay using test Bitcoins. We modified an open source candy machine by Dejan Nedelkovski and implemented an Arduino code that allows payment of test Bitcoins using our newly developed library: Koyn.

How to build hardware devices that accept Bitcoins?

Eslam will be giving a presentation about our open source library and how to use it to build projects that receive and send Bitcoins like the candy machine. He will also dive into technical details of how we developed the library to be independent on a central server and our plans to support more currencies other than Bitcoin, like Litecoin, Bitcoin cash, Bitcoin gold, and more.

The session will be at 4:30 pm on Saturday at Make: Electronics stage, make sure not to miss it!

Proof of Workout!

Proof of workout demo at Ethereum camp, Berlin, March ‘18

The second project at our booth is very interesting! You know how sometimes you get lazy and skip your workout? Well, here we will force you to finish it or else you lose your money. You lock an amount of money in a smart contract, and you select the number of punches in an interval of time. If you do it you get your money back, if not it goes to charity.

On the punching bag, we have an accelerometer sensor that counts the punches, and our Blockchain development board down to log the data and update a smart contract, that checks if it’s correct and sends you the money back or send it to charity.

We developed this application using our Blockchain development board and we are happy to show you the code at our booth.

What brings hardware and Blockchain together?

I’ll also be giving a session right after Eslam’s one but on a different stage. My session will be about what brings Blockchain and hardware together. I’ll be talking about the benefits of Blockchain technology and how it solves scalability issues of IoT, as well as different applications involving machine to machine transactions with cryptocurrencies.

I presented it before at Cairo Maker Faire a couple of months ago, and I’m excited to present it again at the Bay Area Maker Faire! The session will be at 5 pm on Saturday at Make: Live stage.

Don’t forget, we are located in zone 2, booth#2427, see you there!