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Ellcrys Airdrop

Last month, we announced our plan to conduct a Pre-IEO that was expected to help our project prepare for an IEO where we expect to distribute more tokens to a wider population and in turn, we would be able to increase our community size and also attract the funding required to achieve our next milestones. However, we were unable to reach our soft-cap which ultimately means that we cannot finalize pending contracts with IEO launchpads. However, we are fully into the stage where tokens are to be distributed to the thousands of people who own tokens on their dashboards.

The Airdrop

We will no longer hold an IEO due to the reasons mentioned above. Instead, we will conduct quarterly Airdrop campaigns which we believe will give thousands of people across the world a chance to own Ellcrys tokens and be part of a growing community of people interested in the mission that Ellcrys represents.

Schedule & Sessions

There will be multiple Airdrop sessions with 3 months gap between them. The first airdrop will begin on the 29th of July, 2019. It will last for 4 weeks or till the supply is completely distributed (whichever happens first).

Airdrop Supply

We have decided to make available a total of 20,000,000 ELL for this session of Airdrop. In the next session after this, the supply may be modified.

Individual Allocation

Individual allocation is set at 500 ELL with an estimated value of $40 (Pre-Sale prices was $0.08).

Airdrop Distribution

Firstly, the Airdropped ELL will be visible on users’ Ellcrys Suite dashboards. Wallet (ERC20) transfers will begin a week after the end of the Airdrop session. We will only transfer tokens to the user’s registered Ethereum address.

Airdrop Requirements

  • Sign Up on Ellcrys Suite and click on the “Get Free Tokens” button on the header.
  • LinkedIn profile with at least 200 connections.
  • or Twitter profile with at least 6 months old, minimum of 200 followers, and a minimum of 80% Audit Score).
  • Must follow our Twitter, Facebook, Telegram and Discord accounts.
  • Must not be a citizen of the U.S or jurisdictions under the administration of the U.S.

Bounty II Has Concluded

The second bounty campaign has ended; It ran for a period of 5 weeks in which 250,000 ELL was set aside as incentives.

The stakes and corresponding allocation are being calculated and will be released on 26th July 2019.

On 2nd of Aug 2019, Bounty allocations will be distributed on Ellcrys Suite. Wallet transfer (ERC20) will commence after the end of the first Airdrop session.

Ellcrys Contributors Reward

We appreciate the patience of our early contributors who were part of our previous token sales and have continued to support the Ellcrys project.

We have decided to increase individual contributor allocation by 1% for every month they have held their tokens on Ellcrys Suite.

Since ERC20 equivalent will be transferred to all wallets after the Airdrop (in September), contributors will get 17% (17 (months since allocation) * 1%) increase in current allocation.

Exchange Listing

As we prepare to finally distribute ERC20 equivalent of tokens, we are also working to get listed on exchanges. In the short term, our team will initially target smaller or decentralized exchanges that are easier and faster. Subsequently, we will pursue admission into bigger exchanges.

We are always looking for feedback, suggestions and alternate views. Feel free to reach out to us:



Ellcrys is a blockchain that will let anyone, anywhere in the world co-create, co-own and co-manage software products without relying on a central authority.

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