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Road To Main Network

1. Introduction

2. What is Ellcrys?

2.1 Core Features

2.1.1 Cryptocurrency

2.1.2 Decentralized Git Hosting

2.1.3 PeopleMint — Mining Protocol

2.1.4 Multi-Language Smart Contract

3. Future Releases

3.1 “Inception” (v0.1 Alpha)

3.2 “Wonkru ” (v0.2 Alpha)

3.3 “BitRest” (v0.3 Alpha)

3.4 “BitKick” (v0.4 Alpha)

3. Release Dates

4. Alpha Networks

5. Conclusion



Ellcrys is a blockchain that will let anyone, anywhere in the world co-create, co-own and co-manage software products without relying on a central authority.

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