Ain’t this just the most unnecessarily sexualised photo you’ve ever seen?

Shutterstock, explain yourselves.

Why does she have more skin uncovered than covered? Why is she looking off to her right while smiling rather than talking? Who is she talking to? Is that even her natural hair?

Photos tell a story. It’s the reason I make sure I have a photo at the top of every single Chapter.

I generally have a hunt for these photos on the day of writing. I’ll use Pixabay, or browse my archive of Stocksnap and Death to the Stock Photo images. Sometimes — and only rarely — will I have a browse on Google images.

Friday (14th) was one of those days.

See, my original idea for a Chapter photo was to find one of lots of people shouting at a brick wall.

So I Googled “shouting at a brick wall”

Pretty naff results:

But I was still hopeful, so I scrolled down.

Then, I saw this.

Smiling woman talking selfie on the phone over brick wall background

First, where is the selfie in all of this?

And second, why is she so goddamn naked?

It’s just unnecessarily objective.

Sort it out, Shutterstock.

Thanks for reading Chapter 157. See y’all tomorrow.

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