And we’re rolling

Video #1 at NCC Group.

I’ve been at NCC Group one month exactly tomorrow. One month! It’s absolutely flown by, and I’m hella excited for the next month, and the month after that, and the month after that.

Basically, I hope the fun doesn’t stop any time soon.

Today’s Chapter is going to be super short though (but still fun) because I have a video for y’all.

It’s a video by me, for NCC Group, after we attended the BSides conference at MMU on the 18th. It’s a short highlights reel of the event, if you will.

Turnaround was slow because finding music is an absolute pain when you’re working for a big corporate entity.

This is a great song! Oh, “all rights reserved”.
Ah, a good song and it has a creative commons licence! Oh, wait, “not for corporate use”.

It’s an issue I should’ve foreseen, but didn’t, so I must’ve spent about seven hours hunting for music until I found the song I used in this video. I don’t think it’s the most perfect song, but it fits nicely and after seven hours of searching you kind of have to assess whether or not you’re wasting company time.

I concluded I was.

So, here it is. My first video for NCC Group!

Fyi, it was shot on a Canon 70D with a Canon 24–105mm lens. Solid kit, but I’m still getting to grips with the 70D. Also, a couple shots were from my iPhone 6S, because the cameras in those things are just too damn good.

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