Being an actual adult is tough. Really tough.

I thought being a final-year student and a freelancer at the same time was tough. It’s absolutely nothing compared to being an actual adult.

This week has legitimately been one of the busiest of my life. It’s been great, but I feel like taking a holiday already, and I haven’t even started my new job yet.

Big news though: I’ve signed off on a two bed flat. Me, Kerry and a first-floor abode in the top notch area that is West Didsbury.

There are still more checks to do, more forms to fill in and a bit more money to pay. But, all going well, we’ll be moving in to the flat on the 6th August.

We’re super excited.

Sneak peek at our first day in the new flat.

Also today, I had a morning-in-to-afternoon-mind-jam-over-coffee with Mr Mark Davis. I’ve mentioned Mark before as being one of the most well-connected guys I’ve ever met. That’s still true.

And our coffee shop chats are spectacular. Honestly, we should probably record them as a podcast. We fling ideas about, share with each other any books or podcasts or videos or TV shows we’ve found interesting recently, and generally just bang on about about really cool shit.

Also also today, the contracts for my new job came. I really need to sort them out tonight and then post them tomorrow but also figure out my finances and chill with Jen and take my passport to the estate agents and upload my tenant data for the new flat and maybe exercise.

Friday is set to be just as busy too. I’m off to play football.

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