Chapter 2 — It’s all about me.

Yesterday was a pretty easy chapter to write. Couple hundred words, talk of a commitment, hit publish. Most people would give up after the first day. They’d convince themselves that they’re not going to achieve 365 consecutive daily blog posts and pack it all in early. That’s not what I want to do.

This is chapter 2, on day 2. And if you’ll spare me five minutes of your time, this chapter is going to be all about me. Just to be more authetic and personal, here’s the most recent photo of me (with my friend, Ross).

Not Me (with solid facial hair) and Me (who needed a shave)

First up, my job. Right now, in this moment, I’m a freelancer. I’ll be completely transparent with you all: I’m still not entirely sure what I do as a freelancer. I’ve been freelancing for nearly a year — I started in June 2015 — and describing the services I offer is still quite a struggle.

I’m damn good at social media, that’s the main thing I can tell you. I know what works (most of the time) and I know what doesn’t work (all of the time). I can manage your social media profile(s) and create content for them and set up campaigns, but I haven’t put it all in to a package. Everything seems to be all over the place with me at the moment, and I’m an organised person, so it’s a constant source of frustration.

I’m only 21 though, so I don’t think I’m expected to have this refined set of monetised skills ready to slap potential clients in the face with. I’d like to have a refined set of skills, but I suppose I have time on my side.

If you haven’t already worked it out, I’m quite impatient. On top of having high expectations of myself, that can be an issue. I want everything to be perfect, and I want everything to be perfect now. Maybe writing blog posts every day will provide me with some form of perspective on what I’m at in life.

Or maybe it won’t.

What else can I tell you? I live in Manchester. I’m set to graduate from Manchester Metropolitan University in July with a degree in Film and Media Studies. I love my hometown of Barrow-in-Furness (along with all of my family and friends up there) but I never, ever want to move back. Ever. Oh, and I’m starting a business called Modern Street Talk — but I can talk about that another day.

While you’re waiting for more information on Modern Street Talk, admire it’s beautiful logo

I think that’s all I really need to say today. I’ve set the scene, and you’ll find out more about me as the chapters roll on. If you don’t really care about me, I’m sure you’ll find something worthwhile to take away from the words I write.

Until tomorrow, adios.

Like I said yesterday, hit me up on Twitter @EllMorrow if I ever forget a day of writing. And if you think I’m doing a good job, then tweet me a gif. I’ll retweet it and probably only ever talk to you in gifs from that point on.