Chapter 4 — Everything hurts and I’m dying.

Today is not a good day.

Liverpool lost last night. Then I had to be up early for an interview this morning. And then that interview didn’t go so well.

Disappointment has ran riot a bit in the last 12 hours, which means today’s Chapter would have been difficult to write had I not prepared myself before yesterday’s final. My pessimistic instincts — honed over more than 10 years as a Liverpool fan — told me to pre-write some what you’re about to read below.

As a quick introduction to what is below, my interview this morning was for a business accelerator called Entrepreneurial Spark, which is basically free office space, mentorship and access to investors and loads of other handy people for six months.

You’re probably wondering why I’m applying for a business accelerator, so let me explain my business, Modern Street Talk.

*pastes pre-written content*

I told you all about Modern Street Talk in Chapter 2, and then kind of offered no more information. *mic drop* “Elliot, out.”

Apologies for that. I wanted to keep my post relatively short and I have so much to say about Modern Street Talk that it made no sense to ramble on.

Modern Street Talk is my soon-to-be start-up. It has a pretty logo. It has a mission statement. It has its own podcast. And it has an ugly website. Seriously, check it out over here. Ugly, right? (If someone wants to help make it beautiful, drop me a line on Twitter @EllMorrow).

Modern Street Talk aims to give young, aspiring freelancers and entrepreneurs the tools, knowledge and confidence to succeed in the world of self-employment. It’s set to be an online hub full of content and crap-loads of information.

Why? Well, like I mentioned in Chapter 2, I’m still in a bit of a tangle with my freelance career. That’s because I’ve had no one to guide me or mentor me. Doing it alone has taught me a lot, but I want others to get to where I am now quicker than I’ve got here.

I had an uphill struggle photo to use here, but then I found this and just couldn’t resist. Thanks Pixabay.

That’s what Modern Street Talk wants to achieve. Encouragement and education to the young people who have all of the right skills and ideas to succeed on their own, even if they don’t yet realise it.

Entrepreneurial Spark would give me and Modern Sreet Talk a massive push in the right direction. But I get the feeling I maybe applied too early, that my idea is a bit too young. I was confident going in this morning. I wasn’t so confident walking out.

But I have a business. Or to be more accurate at the moment, I have a business idea with a logo and one podcast episode. It’s something I can call my own, and I’m happy with its progress so far. Whether or not I get accepted in to the open arms of Entrepreneurial Spark won’t stop Modern Street Talk from still being a thing. It’ll slow me down a bit, but I’ll keep going.

You’ll undoubtedly hear a lot more about Modern Street Talk over the coming months and I’m excited about it, so be prepared. If it fails, you’ll learn everything about why it failed. If it succeeds, you early readers will be able to brag about being in-the-know before everyone else jumped on the bandwagon.

I’m set to find out how I did in a day or two, stay tuned for an update.

My plan to curl up in to a ball and forget the world exists for a few hours has been ruined by the fact I actually have stuff to do. If you’re in the business of cheering people up, please send me a funny gif on Twitter @EllMorrow.