Chapter 41 — No sleepy, no creativity.

Tiredness and beer killed the cat.

I’m almost back to full fitness after Amsterdam. Almost.

My brain still feels like it’s run a marathon, but another decent sleep will sort me right out I’m sure.

Then normal Chapter order will resume and I’ll be providing all sorts of thought-provoking and/or useful content for your consumption. For the most part anyway. I’m going to try my best today.

My head these past 36 hours.

For the record, I think sleep is the number one most important requirement for being consistently creative. That, and not drinking too much alcohol frequently. Lack of sleep can sometimes come from drinking a lot of alcohol, so that combination is pretty much a creativity murderer.

*subtle dig*

As you all might know, I have a slight obsession with the brain. I’m all about self-awareness and understanding exactly what makes me me, which is why I meditate and even why I write these Chapters.

See, writing something daily means I know exactly how creative my brain is feeling each day. If I’ve had a bad sleep, I’ll be stumped for ideas. If I’m fresh, my head will be overflowing with suggestions. And if I’m hungover, oh man. Those are the worst days for writing.

To be honest, that might be the reason I’ve stopped going on as many nights out anymore. Curiosity of the night is all well and good, but it was tiredness and beer that killed the cat the day after.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m usually up for a party, but as soon as third year hit, I developed a burning hatred of the hangover. Sure, the night would be fun, but the day after would be a total waste.

I’d get nothing done, and I hate not getting anything done.

In fact, through writing 39 previous Chapters, I’ve discovered that I usually don’t feel back at my best until a few days after a hangover. I’ll get some stuff sorted, but my brain still struggles for solid creative flow even after most people feel ‘fine’.

It’s probably the reason most Amsterdam Chapters were short and pretty forgettable (for me at least). I had no flow and no motivation because I was either tired and/or hungover, and it shows. But it was also the reason I recorded so much footage and decided to make a film of the trip. I knew my writing wasn’t going to be up to scratch in Amsterdam, so why not give myself something just as creative to do after I got home?

Editing starts tomorrow and throughout next week. And yes, I’ll be staying fresh.

Catch y’all tomorrow.

Everything Else…

The guy really deserves a shoutout at the top of the Chapter, but I need to seriously thank Chris for helping me keep my daily streak alive in Amsterdam. The hostel wifi was utterly shocking at times and if it wasn’t for Chris lending me his phone’s hotspot, I’d have been seriously struggling to publish on a few days. Cheers pal x

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