Manchester got nasty tonight

I know this going to sound like a lie, but Manchester had been very (read: suspiciously) dry until the end of October.

Then November hit and everything went downhill.

Temperatures at five degrees celsius rather than 12. Rain rather than no rain. Wind blowing a hoolie. Manchester was suddenly no longer a pleasant place to spend time outdoors.

It was bearable though. Jacket, scarf, gloves on and it was enough to keep you toasty during a short walk.

But tonight the weather went too far. Tonight, Manchester got nasty.

It was looking like a standard winter day until about 4pm. Intermittent rain, bit of a breeze, chilly.

Then at four it went hella dark. Near-nighttime levels of dark.

And then the rain – heavy, pounding.

Followed by lightning.

And its buddy thunder.

And the wind. Eeesh the wind.

It’d calmed by 5:40pm when I left work. It was still freezing and still the wind was blowing strong, but the worst of the storm had passed. I was looking forward to grabbing the tram and getting home at a reasonable time.

Except that didn’t happen.

East Didsbury line suspended.


You can use your ticket or pass on the 42, 141, 142 and 143 bus service.

Even more tragic.

I got home at 7:30pm.

Sometimes, Manchester makes me question why I love it so much.

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