2 spillages, a stolen table and bowls from the window.

Get a job: ✔️

Get a flat/house: ✔️

Get out of the post-student financial hole I’m in: 🔜

Two out of three ain’t bad.

That’s it, Kez and I are in our new flat. We’re absolutely over the moon.

We cracked open the Prosecco, then the Rosé, then the Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel I’ve had since Christmas. It’s safe to say celebrations are ongoing.

And it’s been an eventful day. Kez stole a table from our street.

I’ve already spilled two drinks. Good job we have wooden floors.

Then to top it all off, we can watch bowls from our living room window. Although the fact it’s a cafe/bar/pub is much more interesting.

This is absolute perfection.

We’re off to get more drunk.

Until tomorrow.

QoTD #7

“The prosecco made me do it.”
- Kerry Diubek, 2013, 2014, 2015 + 2016

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