The Sunday Summary #3


Welcome to the third edition of the Sunday Summary, a weekly post that recaps my previous seven days of Chapter-ing. This way, you can get a quick snapshot of my week, and delve in to any posts you might’ve missed.

There’s also a bonus section at the foot of the Chapter dedicated to sharing the posts I’ve read and loved on Medium this week.

Without further ado, here’s my last week of daily Chapter writing on Modern Street Talk in summary.


All historical culture changes arrive with issues though, and the invention, delivering and adoption of autonomous cars could quite possibly be the biggest change to occur in my lifetime. But at the rate technology is moving forward, that’s probably a bold claim to make.


There are people in the world who will encourage you to find your passion, or inspire you to get motivated. These people aren’t wrong, they’re just not telling you the whole story.


Money, time and an injury have been roadblocks to my fitness since finishing university at the end of May. But tonight I’m clearing the path. Tonight, I go to the gym.


Leisure is still there. It’s always there. But I think the issue isn’t that we’re throwing too much energy at work, it’s that we’re not throwing the right amount of energy at the right type of leisure.


I might not ever make a feature film, or write a script, or be recognised as one of the great auteurs, but if I get to 50, or 60, or 70, and can look back on an array of films (be they short or long) that were all created from my individual vision, then I’d be pretty happy.


Progress without expectation becomes more surprising, more enjoyable. It becomes less a sigh of relief and more an opportunity to simply feel the scale of your achievement, however little or large.

Stuff I’ve read and loved on Medium this week

Most of us still see journaling as a hobby or something that we do for fun or to relax. Sure, those reasons might be true for some. But for most, there’s only one why: Self-improvement.
Eventually it was night-time and he left and I took a walk by myself. It was pleasant. I watched all the people in the street who are going to die tomorrow.

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