Twitter lovin’, startup world anger, and naked arses

Stories I’ve loved on Medium this week — 15.10.16

Apologies in advance for the above average number of expletives in this week’s Stories I’ve loved on Medium. It wasn’t me and I didn’t write them, but I am endorsing their authors as the creators of some fine work.


I am all for naked arses but they have a time and a place.

First up is Naomi Timperley’s piece ‘How did a naked arse end up in a technology magazine……’ It’s gathered pretty decent traction since it was published, with the company behind the advert-in-question even stating that naked girls are now synonymous with their brand.


Fuck your drinking culture too. Please stop celebrating every fucking imaginary milestone with whisky, beer, or pizza and beer. Like, every ‘cool’ company has a bar now? Oh, OK, I’ll come work for you because you have the Glenlivet 17 and not the 15. That’s why I show up to work every day.

shem’s literary rage at startup-world culture pretty much hits the nail on the head. We too often read about and watch startups celebrating little victories, with not a lot being said about big successes; the culture works, but not as efficiently as it should.

There’s a reason it’s this week’s most popular Medium Story.

Promise me you’ll write a title in your own voice. Just one. One title that comes from your own head and heart. One title that ends with a preposition and is too short or too long. Maybe that title will make you famous; more likely it won’t. It’s important that you write it anyway.

Which came first, the generic Medium title or the Dove chocolate wrapper? Jessica Guzik’s discovery that there’s a common theme shared between the little messages in Dove Promises and Medium titles is by far my favourite Story from the past seven days.

Hilarious discovery.

At least good ole’ Twitter gets me

Short, sweet, and poetic from Kiki Schirr.

Also something I totally agree with. Give me Twitter over Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram any day of the week.

It wasn’t until I became a copywriter and copy editor that I truly learned what the hell a semicolon is. (Granted, it is kind of the Shia LaBeouf of punctuation: confusing yet intriguing.)

This is purely educational from Lauren Modery. Read it, read it again, understand it, remember it, apply it.