Software Development Companies Vs Freelancers

Who Should Work On Your Software Project?

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How Does A Freelance Developer Differ From A Software Development Company?

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Should I Hire a Freelance Software Developer or a Software Company?

Just imagine that you have a project idea that requires software development skills. What will be the next step for you?

Multi-expertise Can Lead To No Expertise

When you hire a software development company, you hire a big team of professionals that have a diverse skill set and wide experience in different fields such as design, development, project management, etc.

“Specialisation and organisation are the basics of human progress.” — Charlotte Perkins Gilman.

Each employee plays a unique role, unlike freelance software developer who is more like all-in-ones, can one person be equally good at all these roles?

  • Each role requires a different skill set and personality type
  • You need a lot of time to master each role
  • Combining many roles at once is very distracting.

Lower Rates Don’t Always Mean Cheaper

It is probably the main reason why a business hires a web developer on a freelance basis. A freelancer will likely have a lower cost rate than an agency. But it doesn’t mean that your entire project will cost less if you hire a freelancer.

Lower Rates Don’t Always Mean Cheaper — Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash

Continuity of Highly Organised Processes

I am sure you want the project to be completed on time and the process of its implementation to be as organised as possible. All this is possible for a professional software development company, usually they have well-organised development processes.

High-Quality Projects

A professional software development company can offer a full cycle of services such as professional consulting, business analysis, and business idea evaluation, and can even help you figure out your monetisation strategy before your product is developed.

Guarantees Of Continuity Of Work On The Project

Development companies are intended to build long-term relationships with clients. Software development companies spend significant resources on finding new customers.

Ongoing Support And Maintenance

When we talk about long-term relationships we don’t only mean new project development, but also the constant maintenance of current products, regular updates and bug fixes, and maybe even adding some additional functionality.

Ongoing Support And Maintenance — Photo by Cytonn Photography on Unsplash
  • To implement a complex project
  • To create an application or website from scratch
  • Assistance in defining the requirements to the product
    a post-project support
  • A wide spectrum of services, from business analysis and prototyping to product development and marketing

A Good Time To Hire Freelance Developers

Although in most cases freelancers lose to software companies, there are cases where hiring them is a great option. Keep in mind that many skilled specialists leave software engineering companies to receive more flexibility and money.

  • To make a quick prototype or a simple web page
  • To simply make some improvements in your product
  • Only several tasks to be completed and that’s all
  • To expand your existing software development team

What Should I Choose?

There is no strict answer to the question regarding hiring a freelancer vs. hiring a software development company. The best choice is dependable as many factors influence the development processes.



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