Clumsy Bird, an Open Source Flappy Bird clone

This post took longer than i thought to be done, but it’s better later than never, right?

February 2014 was a great month for me. I could build something that i think helped a lot of people to start making games. This 2 day project, called Clumsy Bird, a simple clone of the famous Flappy Bird, just because it was (and still is) an open source project, got a lot of visibility from all over the world. One of the things that gave him so much stars on github (400 stars in just 1 week) , was the Hacker News post, with a lot of positive comments and a lot of haters as usual too.

How it was done

The game was made with a fabulous game framework called MelonJS, which i recommend to all game developers that needs to make high quality games and fast.

My prior motivation to make this project was to show to game developers aspirants that they didn’t need to spent hundreds of dollars buying pre-made game clones. My cost to make this game was ZERO ( despite the energy cost, obviously ) and i’ve only used free tools:

  • VIM for text editing
  • Audacity for sounds effects and music
  • Google Images
  • Google Fonts

Some statistics

The game has already 137 forks with more than 10 *clumsy bird clones* made. Even a 404 page was made with a fork

  • The official game website is having an average of 3k access per day and more than 180k views already.
  • We had 6 contributors on the official repo that helped fix a lot of issues and some bugs.

Some press mentions

There were also a lot of twitter mentions

And even a youtube gameplay video!


I wish i could inspire you a liitle bit and show you that you can make a simple but great game using only free tools. Feel free to contact me at twitter @ellisonleao and if you want to contribute with the repo, fork it and send me your pull request. I’ll be glad to help!