Get your tagged Facebook photos organized

Gone are the days of utilizing traditional photo albums — we’ve now gone completely digital! Why so? Well, besides the costs associated with tangible photo albums, the digital option is so much easier — not to mention more cost-effective. The only cost is your time and your internet subscription. We’ve swiftly moved from paper to pixels, with cloud-based online albums that can be accessed from absolutely everywhere — provided that you remember your login credentials.

A great example is Facebook! This social platform has one of the biggest online photo libraries out there, allowing for millions of photos to be uploaded and stored daily. Even with such a huge photo library and full control over our tagged photos, we still tend to feel the need to save everything into folders on our PC as a keepsake to ensure all our photos are backed up.

Or, we just want to make sure that we will never again miss a photo that we are tagged in. Why? For several practical reasons (choose at least one):

  • To always view new pictures of your cute grandchild/ nephew/ niece/ own child when you are on a business trip or away from home;
  • To hide from your timeline any unexpected shots from a party/ family gathering/ day out that could shake your reputation among your coworkers;
  • To have one-click access to all amazing pictures that commemorate important moments of your life.

Life without Ellp

So the normal way of saving tagged photos on Facebook is to search for your photo, save it on your PC, and then place it into a folder of your choice. If you’re quite social, this means you’d need to go through the process of saving and sorting your tagged photos on a pretty regular basis. I know what you’re thinking, this way of saving photos sounds daunting and certainly time-consuming, to say the least!

Life with Ellp

No worries, Ellp has got you sorted! Organizing and keeping track of your tagged photos couldn’t get any easier. Stop wasting time locating, saving, and storing your tagged Facebook photos and let Ellp take care of that for you. Activate the Ellp card called ‘When I am tagged in a Facebook photo, download a copy’. Then, simply select where you’d like your tagged photos to be saved and switch the activation toggle on in just one click. So the next time you’re tagged in a Facebook photo, Ellp will alert you and save your tagged photos to a designated folder on your PC. This way you’ll never leave another precious photo moment behind!

If you’re a fan of getting things done faster, then Ellp is just the right solution for you. This new PC assistant can take care of a variety of tasks for you from maintaining your PC at the optimal level of performance, to helping you stay focused and be productive, to monitoring your online safety and even to elevating your entertainment. And what’s best — Ellp is free to download and yours to keep! Simply go here to grab it:

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