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2 months since Elpis Battle lunch mainnet, more than that if Private Beta counted. During that period of time, we have achieved a number of milestones as follows:

  • Daily active users average more than 2000
  • 6 million MEG burned
  • Volume Marketplace in March and April reaches 100,000$
  • Currently top 30 Game-fi Project follow analytic of Dapp Radar.

These are modest numbers, but they mean a lot to the Elpis Battle development team in the context of the current game-fi market.-

These significant successes do not mean that we have no difficulties while developing the project. One of the most severe is our lack of human resources, which led to the late delivery of some functions compared to the time listed in our Roadmap. This late delivery, in turn, led to downward trust from the community. However, being a GameFi project, we believe that being careful before releasing new features is a must for long-term development.

After re-calculating the current resources, as well as the upcoming additions to our human forces, we would want to announce the new Roadmap in 2022 of Elpis Battle.

Game developments

New Level Dungeon Unlock

After the release of the Equipment feature, most players have passed the Easy-level maps. This May, we will unlock the maps of higher difficulties so that our players can challenge themselves more. More enjoyment and satisfaction are soon to come, as Elpisians manage to pass new maps and acquire new rewards.

Battle v2

An addition of factors that will affect the battle — namely Weather and Environment — is about to come as well. This will make upcoming PvP games even more interesting and astonishing.

Furthermore, the balance between the 3 main stats: Strength, Vitality and Agility will be reset.

Through the community’s discussions, we have realized that the Agility stats are having weaker effects compared to the other stats — namely Strength and Vitality. While Strength and Vitality stats are correlating with a lot of benefits, the Agility stats only help to increase Speed of the heroes and make the heroes be the first to attack. In the Battle v2 game-core update, we will adapt the mechanism of Speed stats, and to be more specific — make it bring not only the first turn to attack but also other benefits.

Class Balance

We will bring up more noteworthy advantages to each Race, instead of only relying on stats as of now.

The characteristics of each Race are being considered, for instance Orc will have the ability to decrease Control effect, while Naga will have a higher ability to make Critical damage, and so on…

Please note that this is not official information and only listed for illustration purposes.

PvP Mode

Player-versus-Player is always one of the most attractive functions of one game, and Elpis Battle is not an exception. Once the PvP mode is released, players will be able to challenge and/or fight against their friends and/or any other players that are available.

There will be 2 main phases in releasing PvP mode:

  • Phase 1: PvP without rankings. This is considered the demo phase, of which the purposes are to test the stability of the game as well as how balanced the game is. Though not getting the rankings rewards, players can still participate in online and offline mid- to small-sized tournaments, which will be organized by us and guilds as an encouragement for players.
  • Phase 2: PvP with rankings. As soon as the demo phase 1 ends, players of PvP mode will be ranked and get rewards from Elpis Battle.

PvP mode will be expectedly released in Q3 2022

Mobile Version

A mobile version of Elpis Battle will also be launched.

In the form of a mobile app, Elpis Battle will be exposed with more people throughout Google Play and App Store. This upcoming mobile app will be optimized for phones and tablets.

In-game Community Features

A number of social features — as follows — will also be released in 2022:

  • Players’ profiles
  • PvE, PvP leaderboards
  • Holiday events
  • Chat boxes

Skill Book

Heroes can unlock the 5th Skill using the NFT Skill Book for heroes.

Skill Books will be distributed to players through rewarding or direct minting in Skill Book Release event. This feature as well as the release of Skill Book is expected to deliver in Q4. Please not be rushed, everything will be announced — in the most detailed manner as possible — once everything is all set.

Ecosystem Developments

Besides developing in-game features, expanding the Elpis ecosystem is also among the things that we put in time and effort.

Governance System

EBA will start to have use cases as the governance token of the project. The governance and voting system will be released this May. We believe this move is one of our steps closer to decentralization.

In order to release the Elpis DAO Governance System, a migration and staking event will be executed this May. Details about this event will be announced later.

You can read more about Elpis DAO here: https://elpisbattle.substack.com/p/tokenomic-quick-look-into-elpis-dao

Revamp LAPIS to LAPIS v2

LAPIS is the reward unit that can be converted to Gacha. This unit will be migrated to LAPIS v2. Basically, LAPIS v2 will not be dramatically different from the original LAPIS, except for having more use cases instead of simply for converting to Gacha tickets.

Players that hold LAPIS will receive the according amount of LAPIS v2. The stake pools that were used to hold LAPIS will be adapted to those that hold LAPIS v2.

Guild Manager Tool

The Guild Management System, which is aimed to help players to manage many accounts using only 1 wallet address, has been used and commented on by guilds. After this demo phase, the tool will be publicly distributed to all players.

Data Dashboard

The dashboard, which saves all on-chain and off-chain data of Elpis Battle, will be opened to all players (in other words, everyone can access and see its data).We believe this will serve the public with more information, and thus, they can better consider before participating in Elpis Battle.

MEG Stabilize Mechanism

After the initial phase, the automatically adjusted resource mechanism will officially be applied to $MEG. This will help to limit the fluctuations in prices.


A number of marketing activities that will expand the game’s community as well as raise Elpis Battle’s exposure in mid-core gaming communities that will be executed:

  • Tournaments collaborating with Guilds
  • Elpis Battle merchandises — namely T-shirts, figures, 3D models, etc
  • Apply to MVB V Program by BNB Chain
  • Website update
  • Community Viral Contest
  • Listing on CEX
  • More partnership with Gaming Guild, Defi /Gamefi Protocol, Game-fi project on BNB Chain


Last but not least, changes and explanations mentioned above were results of weeks of discussions among the team. We knew that a lot of our stakeholders were doubtful when it took this long to publicly announce a new Roadmap, still, we wanted to calculate carefully in order not to break another promise. Just for you to know, we still know and still dream of a helpful, transparent and fair future of the GameFi industry and Metaverse — towards which Elpis Battle is only the beginning step. And together, we will go slowly but surely.

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