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4 min readSep 1, 2022


In august, the DAO community voted for the Alpha TPS/FPS Game instead of the Poker game, here are some news about this part of “Project Red”. We are slowly approaching the second batch, you will know more about what is coming next.

The team has been working hard on several development points, here is our update:


These unique mobsters will give you extra rewards on our upcoming staking which we will talk about later in this monthly dev update. We thought of this reward system to give a unique advantage to our most loyal holders.

Holding one 3D legendary will also give you access to the first alpha of Project Red. Holders will be able to test & play the Alpha exclusively during 2 different weekends before anyone else. More informations to be announced.

We are currently working on the 3D of our Legendary Mobsters. These mobsters are made one by one to provide the best 3D rendering quality to our community. Each trait is modeled for each mobster to avoid any issues between all the traits.


In the last Monthly dev update we shared some levels design, character’s animations preview and more information about the P2E game. We have been working hard over the last month and we have a lot to show you, mainly about the TPS/FPS game voted with the DAO. We are proud to announce that our game is fully developped on Unreal Engine 5.

3vs3 Map “Cargo”- Powered by Unreal Engine 5


Because we want you to get into the game as quickly as possible, we have been focusing on creating the PvP maps for the TPS/FPS game so you can quickly fight with the community and challenge each other.

We plan to launch our first alpha game for the 3D Legendary mobsters holders during October to get the first feedback and then give to DAO owners an exclusive access.

PVP Maps

For the TPS/FPS Alpha game we built 3 maps with a totally different environment for each. Our level designers and the rest of the team worked hard to offer the best feeling when moving on the different maps. As you can see some of the assets were bought on the store to save some time and money but we will keep working on each map to improve the assets, many things can still change until the game release. Here are the different maps / level design with our Official Menu Theme Soundtrack:

Shooting range — 1vs1 (Powered By Unreal Engine 5)
Heist Bank — 2vs2 (Powered By Unreal Engine 5)
Cargo Split — 3vs3 (Powered By Unreal Engine 5)

Map optimizations

We had some performance issues due to some heavy assets/texture and rendering methods.
We have optimized base textures and base assets, but we have also changed the rendering methods. We now render assets with lower resolution for elements that are far from the camera and dynamically change the assets depending on the distance between the camera and the element.

In-game animations

You saw characters animations in the last Monthly dev update, but we have been working hard to provide better quality animations and integrate them into the game. We added several animations to complete the set we already had. Check them out in the video below :

In Game Animations of Project Red on Unreal Engine 5

The team already started working on the animations with the map but we have had several problems with transitions between some animations and some conditional depending on the player positions. We still need to improve all of this to get a smooth and fluid gameplay regarding the animations.

Having players position bugs while playing a TPS/FPS can be quite frustrating and even though we are working on the Alpha, we want to provide the best experience as soon as possible so you can get your hands on the game.



Our technical team is still focusing on developing the dApp to add some features like Collaborations and Staking. We want to create a useful dApp for the community, so that’s why we are taking our time to do it. This will help us to create more value for the Mafia for our holders.

Collaboration Tab on Elrond Mafia dApp

The collab tab on the dApp will allow holders to benefit from our network and therefore offer in the form of raffle gifts for our community, as the Mafia is always giving back to the clan.

Staking tab is coming soon, the equation (tokenomics) is thought out so that everyone earns what they deserve. MAFIA and XOXNO are talking together to offer a useful & impactful staking for our NFTs. More to be announced this month.

What’s next ?

We are so proud of the Mafia we’ve built and September will be insane in term of Marketing for Elrond Mafia. We will reveal more things about the Alpha and the gameplay. The Legendary Collection will be fully available before the release of the Alpha. Many features about the dApp should come at the same time.

The team will keep working hard on the game to deliver the first Alpha during October. Our goal is to be ready to shine with Elrond during “X Day” at Paris the 3–4 November. As always you can be sure that we will keep delivering regularly for our amazing community!

#AllForTheClan 🩸

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