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The beginning of July was marked by the Elrond’s Launchpad, so the team decided to focus it’s efforts on the P2E game development & the preparation of pre-mint marketing. Let’s dive into the details together!


Project Red is a 3rd person open-world game in an immersive map full of activities like PVP, gang wars, drug farming…

How does the team make the game? What progress has been made since the project was created? What is the format of the game? How will you make money? Will the game be accessible to everyone? Here are our answers :


Regarding the launch of the game, always in the desire to achieve qualitative and fluid renderings, the team has worked on a clean and clear menu for all players.

Project Red Menu

As you can see, you will be able to add your friends and play together in the Social Hub. To PVP activities, to missions, you will also be able to chat and watch videos in the “theater” while waiting for your drug productions to come to life… Always in the axis of creating an immersive and sustainable game, we are also working on the implementation of a proximity voice chat to match a fully immersive game.


As announced, each NFT will be rendered in 3D, and we have worked on a new customization. Indeed, an owned NFT will give you access to all its traits. You will then be able to merge it with other traits from different NFTs in your collection. This in-game customisation makes NFTs much more attractive. We are also working on other game-fi aspects to develop customisation to the maximum in the future.

NFT Customization in Project RED


As seen before, Project Red will be an open world game in 3rd person FPS view. Once connected to the server, you will spawn in the mafia HQ. As with any good open world game, there are activities available throughout the map, which can be accessed on foot.

After establishing the game environment, the team focused on developing the map and the different activities for the players. These activities are being worked on one by one so that players will find themselves in a totally immersive and unique environment.

As we announced last Thursday, drug production will be a way to earn virtual money. But we are also working on other areas of reward such as: Missions, PVP, Gambling, Betting etc… A Game-Fi system will support the rewards in EGLD. Each axis of the game will be rewarded and all players will be able to buy and sell their productions in the game.

Produce Drug and Earn EGLD in Project Red

In addition to the Play to Earn, the team is also working on a Win to Earn.

Indeed, we wish to create a place especially reserved for PVP that can be played in team or in duel. The idea is to develop the main activity of the Mafia: clashes and clan wars. The better you are at PVP, the more money you will earn!

Fight opponents from other gangs, or directly propose duels to someone from another clan to earn money. For the strongest among you, killstreaks will be rewarded but there will be a bounty on your head. A bounty will be placed on the mobster who causes your death.


For the past few months we have been working on the design of 3D environments. We have shown some progress in our work since our launch. The design of the map where you will play is very important for a game. The map is human-sized, so we have to think about every place that needs to be accessible, and it takes time to do it right. The map is a map that grows with time but we have to think about the exterior to plan the future layout of the different activities & missions.

Mafia’s Headquarters in Project Red

Headquarters’ interior is big, even very big. We have shown you the entrance hall of the HQ and one of the basements where the drug production takes place. But in reality the HQ will have at least 7 floors. 7 floors in a castle like this, that’s a lot of details that we will continue to work on after the mint. The team also knows how to delegate, and we have surrounded ourselves with 3D artists to help us in this long task.

Interior of Mafia’s Headquarters in Project Red

The beauty of the environments is one thing, but the accessibility in the map must be worked on. The level design is therefore essential. We work before each part of the map created, on the level design of the environment. Here is what the team recently produced for one of the twenty activities available on Project Red.

“Blood Arena” in Project Red
Level Design of a PVP Arena in Project Red


After the realization of a qualitative map design, we focused our resources on the animation and the characters’ movements to make them as realistic as possible.

A good 3D design must absolutely come with a good fluidity of movement so as not to create a contrast in the game. So our teams made the runs, the jumps, the shots or even the ways a character has to hide behind a wall… Here are some of them in video, we will show more in a gameplay video soon!

Selection of some animations made for Project Red (More to show soon)


While many things are being made in 3D and with animations, we are also working on the GAME HUD, so it gives enough infos without being too complex. The team will need to work more on it later, but it will be enough for our first video gameplay. The HUD also has to be linked with the Web 3, but it will be made at the end of the development.


We are pretty early in the game development, but as you can see we already did a lot of things. The public mint has not even been announced, but we still have some early prototypes of the game. Our experienced team is used to working on video games, and we are excited to keep working on the development of the game. We are making everything possible to make one of the first real P2E on Elrond. Our goal is to show you more & more every month, so we stay transparent as much as possible, but we also spare you many details of the development as it’s hard and complex. We also don’t want to show everything, as we still want to get our holders surprised and hyped by our announcements.


Mafia Galleries Revealed

The Galleries were Elrond Mafia's first Airdrop for buyers at the presale.

These galleries were the first source of work for the team to reward our first holders and allow them to recoup their purchase cost at the presale. The development is fully completed and the galleries will be fully available on 21 July.
Once again, the galleries are intended to remain in the Elrond ecosystem and will be available for everyone to use. With or without Elrond MAFIA NFTs, connect your wallet to share all your NFTs and expose them on Twitter.

Gallery Builder

Each gallery will give you the opportunity to expose 8 NFTs. This number is likely to increase with updates. You will be able to share your gallery via a simple link, but also visit other people’s galleries. If you love your gallery, you can also make it a banner automatically thanks to our system, by editing the name of your gallery and the angle of the photo. This feature will arrive a few days after launch!

Twitter Header generated with Mafia Galleries

For the smartest among you, surely you have already seen that there was a space to display 3D NFTs! We will give more details about this exclusive space for our partners…

We can’t wait to see your collections in the Mafia Galleries! This week we will reveal information from our Public Mint, stay tuned.

#AllForTheClan 🩸



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