Beniamin Mincu
Aug 15 · 3 min read

Gaming will quite likely be one of the first major industries to be taken over by the blockchain technology. Tokenization presents a great opportunity to help the gaming market evolve in a new and interesting way. By adding tokens, self-custody, transferability, and interoperability the gaming experience can be taken to the next level, making games even more electrifying and rewarding(literally).

So, we’re very excited to present CryptoBubbles, a Multiplayer Online blockchain-based action Game, created in the Elrond Network labs and inspired by the already famous game.

CryptoBubbles 101

Context: The “battlefield” is a map, where players can control one bubble by using the mouse cursor. The ultimate goal is to increase the total “mass” of a bubble, by eating other bubbles that are smaller than yours. While eating others, keep away from larger bubbles as they will instantly eat you!

Gameplay: Each player starts as one bubble. Once this bubbles reaches a certain mass, it can be split in multiple bubbles. The player can split the bubble by pressing the “Space” key and control all the bubbles created after the split.

Spikes: are green, spiky circles that split your bubble in lots of small piece when you cross them.

Tricks: There are many other tricks and strategies you can discover, but hey, it’s not fun to share all of them at once.

Easy rules

  • Move your mouse cursor on the screen to maneuver your bubble.
  • Eat food cells (these are smaller static bubbles) and other players bubbles, in order to increase the mass of your bubble.
  • Rewards: Top 10 players are rewarded, and will able to join the next round without having to be in the waiting list!
  • Round duration: 4 minutes.
  • Round fee: 500 ERD(decreases if a player joins later in the round).
  • Pause between rounds: 15 seconds.
  • Initial account balance: 10 000 ERD.
  • When your balance goes below 1000 ERD, you can use the Faucet feature to request free coins. This option is available once per day.

Winner rewards

The goal of this game is to have fun, but if you’re among the winners there are some rewards as well. These rewards will be split as follows:
- the first ranked player takes 55% ERD pot;
- second ranked player takes 20% of the ERD pot;
- the third ranked player takes 10% of the ERD pot;
- 4th rank takes 6%;
- 5th rank takes 4%;
- 6th rank takes 1%;
- 7th rank takes 1%;
- 8th rank takes 1%;
- 9th rank takes 1%;
- 10th rank takes 1%,
- the rest lose their fee.

Here comes the magic part: the interaction with the Elrond Network blockchain!

So here’s what happens when a user creates a new account in the game:

1. A new wallet will be created for him

2. His private key will be stored in the game database

3. The user will receive 10.000 test ERD in his new wallet

But there’s more, in order to join the round, every users needs to pay a fee so:

1. A transaction will be sent from user’s wallet to the game Smart Contract

2. All fees payed by the players add up to the winners’s pot

3. When the round ends, the total winner’s pot will be split between the top 10 winners and 10 transactions will be sent from the Smart Contract to each of the winners wallets

All these transactions will be visible on

We’ve got an explainer video too^ 😎

Good things take time. We’ve built a working version of state sharded blockchain, we’ve tested it heavily, and now validators are rushing in to prepare for the Battle of Nodes.

On top of all this, we’re very excited to have reached a new milestone so soon, and give you the possibility to try your skills with a blockchain-based game!

It’s your turn now! Let the games begin!

Elrond Network

A scalable value transfer protocol for the digital economy

Beniamin Mincu

Written by

CEO, Elrond Network

Elrond Network

A scalable value transfer protocol for the digital economy

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