Elrond — Community update #2

It’s been a busy period for the Elrond team. Among key developments, our agenda was filled with events and discussions around the world (4 countries, 6 cities, 7 meetups). The goal of our recent travels was to actively seek feedback from our community as they will be the ultimate users of our work. Check out the full rundown bellow.

  • 10th October — 15th October, San Francisco Blockchain Week, among panel discussions on scalability, our team also had the pleasure of hosting the first official networking event (an evening of interesting blockchain discussions over food, drinks and music).
“Elrond Network was designed with these goals in mind: scalability without affecting availability, dispatching and instant traceability, efficiency and adaptability. ” Beniamin Mincu @ SFBW
  • 18th October, Elrond Blockchain Meetup Sibiu, marked our first hometown meetup. Our CEO’s presentation on Elrond’s vision and the future we are striving was followed by a session of productive conversations about blockchain technology with our local community.
“Elrond’s sharding model adapts dynamically with available resources and usage” Adrian Dobrita @ Sibiu Meetup
  • 22nd October, NextGen Blockchains — powered by Elrond @ Bucharest. Our Head of Research, Felix Crisan talked about limitations of current blockchain architectures, what areas can be improved, what the future architectures might look like and what is Elrond’s take on it. It was followed by a talk from our CEO, Beniamin Mincu about Elrond’s vision for a scalable value transfer protocol for the digital economy.
“The main problem that Bitcoin has today is that it cannot scale” Felix Crisan @ NextGen Blockchains
  • 30th October — 2 November, Devcon 4. First contact with the Ethereum Builders Community immersed in workshops, lectures, meetings, and more. It served as a great reminder of why we are in this space and seeing how big the Ethereum developer community is, enforced our belief that we need to empower them by offering a better and more scalable solution to build on.
“Proof-of-proof-of-work — that didn’t work” Vitalik @ Devcon4
  • 1st November — 2nd November, Malta Blockchain Summit proved to be the perfect ground to meet with investors and set foundations for new strategic partnerships. For us, it is becoming clear that Malta is the new number one hub for blockchain industry (hence our incorporation there).
Over 8000 participants
  • 3rd November — Building the Free Web Prague edition. After Devcon4 we presented a technical showcase on “Scaling trustless computation via Adaptive State Sharding and Secure Proof of Stake”.
“First Testnet launch December 2018 — open source, business partnerships announcements & adoption plans” Beniamin Mincu @ Building the free web
  • 6th November — Elrond Blockchain Meetup @ Cluj-Napoca. Beniamin, Adrian and Lucian talked about Elrond’s long term vision, architecture and adoption plans. Our friends from Distributed Systems Research Laboratory (DSRL) also had a talk about decentralised management of demand response programs in smart energy grids. All followed by a Q&A session.
“Anyone will be able to spend ERD directly through the browser and the integrated Elrond Wallet, on the e-commerce websites and publishers websites integrated with those payment providers” Lucian Todea @ The Office

What’s next?

19th November–20th November, Howtoweb the biggest South Eastern fintech conference. Our team will be involved in different activities:

  1. from organising a roundtable discussion on “Scaling trustless computation via Adaptive State Sharding and Secure Proof of Stake” to
  2. jurying a “Startup Spotlight Competition” that has over 80 submissions.
  3. Our CEO Beniamin Mincu will also partake in a fireside chat on“The key challenges Blockchain startups face today”.

Our next milestones will encompass a lot of 2.0’s. We are preparing the release of our Whitepaper v2.0 (we’ve learned a lot of things that need to be addressed in an academic manner) which will be followed by a second AMA session (let’s call it AMA 2.0). Lastly, we are preparing the field to kickstart our Ambassador Program (more on this in our next post).

As always, we are open to community suggestions and are looking forward to relevant contributions and feedback.

Thank you for keeping up with our latest developments,

Elrond Network Team