Elrond — Community update

Dear community, the past month has proven extremely fruitful for Elrond and we’re happy to share this with you. Over the next few updates we’ll touch on both short-term and long-term goals, how we are thinking about our strategy on all fronts, obstacles we’re facing, and lastly events where you can meet the Elrond team.

With these in mind, let’s just jump into it!

Slide deck

The time has come. We are finally making our introduction slide deck public (https://elrond.network/files/Elrond_Deck_EN.pdf). In it you’ll find a brief presentation on Elrond’s design goals, architecture overview, all while putting a brief analysis of major public blockchains into perspective. Besides the architecture overview and team section, we’ve added two long awaited parts: token metrics and the Elrond Ecosystem.

Elrond Deck — September 2018

All these subjects will be discussed in a more comprehensive manner in our Business Paper (to be released soon).

Elrond intro video

We have also created a short video that describes our goals and the problems we are trying to solve. Since we are firm believers that blockchain technology will continue to integrate with the new decentralized Web3 and become an integral part of the future, we’re reinforcing our efforts to address scalability, decentralization, efficiency and security. You can watch our team’s efforts here: https://youtu.be/Cbfp31keh9Q

Introducing Elrond: A scalable value transfer protocol for the digital economy.

AMA with the Elrond team

You are also welcome to participate in the upcoming AMA on the 2nd of October from 11:00 PM UTC+8 on https://t.me/elrondnetwork. Please join our CEO, Beniamin Mincu & our Head of Engineering, Adrian Dobrita on this session as they’ll be looking forward to answering any questions you may have on Elrond.

Meet our team around the world

We have two busy months ahead and will step-up our international meetups and conference presence. Here is a list of events where you can meet our team:

San Francisco Blockchain Week (CESC)
  • 10 October — San Francisco Blockchain Week (CESC)— Our CEO Beniamin Mincu will join the panel discussion about: “Scalability: Decentralized or High Performance”
  • 22–24 October — WEB3 Summit — Funkhaus Berlin
  • 30 October — 2 November — Devcon 4 — Prague
  • 1–2 November — Malta Summit — Malta
  • 19–20 November — Howtoweb — Bucharest

Closing thoughts

Our team has grown substantially in the last months, we’re doubling up on our conference presence and are preparing a complete rebranding of Elrond. We’ve been hard at work advancing toward our first testnet version, forging strategic partnerships, and well, building the Elrond Ecosystem.

As always, we are open to community suggestions and are looking forward to relevant contributions and feedback.

Thank you for your support,

Elrond Network Team