Partnership announcement — Elrond initiates cooperation with Distributed Systems Research Laboratory (DSRL), of the Computer Science Department within the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca

St. JULIANS, MALTA and CLUJ-NAPOCA — 12.02. 2019 — Elrond Ltd, the user-friendly blockchain for deploying programmable money and unstoppable applications, has today announced a new cooperation agreement with Distributed Systems Research Laboratory for research and development in core areas.

Distributed Systems Research Laboratory (DSRL) part of the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca — Computer Science Department, has extensive experience in many fields of the distributed systems related research areas such as: Energy efficiency in large scale distributed systems, Machine learning, Big data analytics, IoT and blockchain technology, Ambient assisted living and Multidisciplinary optimization. The DSRL laboratory is actively involved in EU funded research and innovation projects, has an established collaboration network comprising a large number of universities and companies and has published over 100 articles in international conferences and high impact journals.

Elrond and DSRL aim to collaborate on research-education themes, namely:

  • Development of research topics, including:

Analysis of the practical applicability of blockchain technology in the energy field and use case scenarios;

Jointly explore the possibility to use the platform developed by Elrond Network in the energy field;

Joint participation in research projects with national or European funding in blockchain technology;

Identifying common Masters and Doctoral themes and creating materials for academic and educational purposes.

  • Knowledge transfer supporting Elrond with University led applied research
  • Dissemination of results by jointly organizing scientific scholarship sessions and scientific conferences in the areas of interest.

Beniamin Mincu, CEO and Founder of Elrond, commented: “Academia has traditionally been a refreshing well of innovative thought. It has achieved this particularly by bringing together a great number of curious minds, giving them tools and a rigorous structure, and enabling them to tackle intriguing problems. Elrond’s technical architecture was made possible, thanks to these tools, rigor, and structure that our team has learned throughout their academic and professional careers. This partnership reinforces our beliefs that rigorous independent research, can tackle and successfully identify solutions for the world’s hardest financial and technical problems.

We are glad to have Elrond as a partner in advancing the implementation of our applied research. Their technical expertise helps us demonstrate some of our hypothesis and together we can work towards the improvement of blockchain based solutions “ declared Dr. Tudor Cioara.

As a first use case, Elrond and DSRL are looking into the possibility of using the Elrond platform for decentralized management of demand response program in smart energy grids.

Furthermore, Elrond’s low latency can also help in innovatively addressing the issues of decentralization and peer to peer trading in stock and energy markets using blockchain technology.

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