Hardware development — Serial to Ethernet technology integration to your device

Serial to Ethernet Technology from Eltima

Integration of EPV Technology into your hardware solution will give you many benefits. With the competitive advantage over other manufacturers of serial to Ethernet converters you get the chance to open new markets, as EPV solution lets you:

  1. Dramatically expand the capabilities of your products;
  2. Allow your customers to significantly save on additional equipment;
  3. Give users of your hardware devices the flexibility in improvements of their technological processes.

Above that, EPV Technology supports RFC 2217 that provides a standard protocol to transfer data from and to serial device servers as well as CAN bus to Ethernet Gateways. With Eltima Port Virtualization Technology that adds virtual COM ports to a client PC, hardware device makers can focus on the firmware and other parts of software development.

Access to multiple remote devices from a single server

Another benefit Serial to Ethernet technology brings to big enterprises is the ability to access multiple remote serial ports from a single data server. As it usually happens at large factories, bulky industrial equipment is connected to a single control center, a data server. By means of the server, streams of serial data are redirected to the network. Integration of EPV Technology directly into the server part allows accessing an unlimited number of remote COM port devices over the network, thus eliminating the need for physical connection.

Originally published at www.eltima.com.