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5 Ways Text Messaging Can Take Your CRM System to the Next Level

If CRM is the lifeblood of your business, then text messaging is becoming the aorta artery that carries your content and time-sensitive info to customers. Today, a strong CRM system is expected to offer an omni-channel experience. But the ubiquity of text messaging and its 98% open rate demand your attention. Indeed, the decision to leverage text messaging in your CRM system is a no-brainer. Here are 5 ways to do it.

1. Using text messaging offers advantages in speed, open rate and functionality to optimize CRM-based marketing campaigns. When you launch a marketing campaign using your CRM database, choose text messaging over email as your delivery method. The open rate for text messages is 98%, and they reach recipients almost instantaneously. In contrast, emails get only 20% opens, and they may get ensnared in a spam folder; if they make it to the Inbox, they are often ignored. Text messaging also enables you to use keywords to build groups in your CRM database. To engage those groups, use text messages to send links to relevant content. Learn how your content is being consumed by using analytics. Analytics is critical because it gives you multiple data points that reveal how your content is resonating, and with whom.

2. Text messaging allows you to use buying history data in your CRM to meet customers’ needs. It’s widely known that consumers respond more positively when communication is personalized. Choose text messaging as your delivery vehicle over email for the advantages cited above. Tap your CRM to learn a customer’s buying history. Then send a text that mentions a previous purchase and makes a unique offer (up-sell or cross-sell). Studies show that offering a discount with a deadline to act is effective. Here’s an example of how a credit union could apply this practice:

Hello, Paula. Thank you for opening a checking account with us. We are offering a discounted rate through July on a home equity line. Please text YES if you would like to learn more.

3. Customer support is a critical part of CRM, and texting is a tool that fosters customer satisfaction. Service agents connect with customers using a variety of channels: phone calls, social media, emails, and texts. Text messaging is a great candidate for keeping a customer informed while Customer Service is working to resolve an issue. Send an automated text after each step is completed in the resolution process to update a customer. Avoid the frustration that customers feel when they miss a phone call or an email gets lost.

4. Texting keeps customers informed during the life cycle of a transaction. Apply the same customer support best practices to routine transactions documented in your CRM system. Send timely updates to keep customers informed. Your CRM system tracks all transactions, and texting is a great tool for sending timely status updates that you know will be read. For instance, a credit union could send a notification whenever a milestone of a loan application is reached. In addition, when a transaction requires urgent or sensitive information, texting is a great way to deliver it. The reason is that a text message lets you encrypt links to safeguard their transmission.

5. Track customer activity in your CRM to prompt timely text message reminders. Because people take their mobile phones wherever they go, they are increasingly using them to populate calendars and compile to-do lists. Use your CRM system to manage customers’ activity by sending them timely reminders. For people on the go, texting is the most effective and the least intrusive way to remind them of a coming appointment or event. For example:

Hello, Robert. This is a reminder that you have a training session with Rasheed on May 21 at 3 pm EST. Please text YES to confirm.

Similarly, if a phone call is required to talk through an issue, texting could be the best way to arrange a mutually convenient time to talk.

When you boil it down to its essence, a CRM serves two major functions: collects and analyzes customer data and enables effective communication with customers and prospects. So, what do your customers expect? An omni-channel experience — seamless communication whether it’s by phone, email, text, or in person. Of those options, texting has emerged as a go-to method. Its speed, ubiquity and open rate make it the preferred way to communicate in many, if not all, instances.

To leverage the effectiveness of Messaging+ Analytics in your CRM, Eltropy has a platform that can help you achieve your Sales and Marketing goals. In fact, Eltropy’s web-based Sales Analyzer app was recently released on the Salesforce AppExchange. Now, Eltropy’s clients can use messaging to optimize their CRM by sharing relevant content to meet customers’ needs.

Eltropy offers another benefit on the AppExchange because it automatically updates the CRM with client-engagement analytics. Understandably, salespeople have underused their CRM because they have put a low priority on updating it for internal reporting purposes. But Eltropy’s automated analytics encourages CRM adoption by eliminating some manual work.

Eltropy can work seamlessly with your CRM to help you close deals faster. Would you like to learn more or see a demo of our platform?



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