Design disasters: 5 times Apple made questionable choices for its products

Apple is known for its meticulously crafted products. The company prides itself on exquisite design, and its line-up of computers, smartphones, tablets and even their operating systems are testament to this fact.

But the Cupertino-headquartered tech giant too has on several occasions missed the mark in their design choices.

We’ve compiled here a list of top-five products with questionable design decisions for your entertainment.

The bumpy battery pack

This one was a biggie. It seemed like something an engineering student hurriedly put together a day before the assignment was due. The battery pack has an obvious ‘hump’ that encases the actual battery, and the lightning cable gives it an obscene ‘chin’, making it bulky and an eyesore. But that wasn’t all, someone in Apple’s design team apparently decided to put the indicator LED light on the inside of the case, so when the phone is docked, you can’t see it. What the hell, Apple?

The mouse’s tail is all messed up

The Magic Mouse’s elegant design and touch surface was eye-catching and plainly beautiful. It was perfect. Well, almost. When it came time to charge the device, you had to turn it over to plug into the USB port erroneously placed on the bottom surface of the mouse. Essentially, you couldn’t use it when plugged in. This was a major let-down.

Nope, that isn’t an antenna on the tablet

The powerful iPad Pro can be paired with an Apple Pencil, a must-have for designers. The Pencil works perfectly with the tablet, offering exceptional control and freedom. But once again Apple messed up when figuring out the best way to charge it. The Pencil plugs into the lighting dock on the bottom edge of the iPad, looking grossly misplaced on an otherwise elegant device. Awkward!

Where are my ports?

The Macbook is a revolutionary product — it has a beautiful screen, a game-changing Taptic touchpad and it packs a punch in a mind-blowingly slim form factor. If Apple was going for the ultimate in portability, it nailed it, but bungled when it came to adding ports. The Macbook comes with just one USB-Type C port that is used to charge the device, leaving no place to plug in your externals. The only alternative is to get a bulky converter dock for your mouse, external hard drive or SD card.

Goodbye, jack

Apple has done away with the 3.5mm audio jack in the recently released iPhone 7. What it means is you will no longer be able to plug in those expensive headphones you’ve been using so far and are left with just two choices — shell out for Apple’s wireless AirPods or a similar Bluetooth headphone, or get a lightning to 3.5mm converter to continue using your old pairs. This one, we agree, is debatable, as many tech enthusiasts contend that it is a step in the right direction. But what would have made the transition a lot less painful is if Apple supplied the first pair of wireless earbuds in the box.

Do you agree with this list, or did we miss something? Let us know in the comments below or on social media.

This story was published in Hindustan Times.
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