The New Gmail Inbox is About Advertising, Not Your Sanity.

Hint: Ads, Ads, and more Ads…

First off, I’m not against software that makes email easier to manage. I’m probably signed up for over 1000 email programs, across 8 email accounts. I get a lot of email; on purpose. My job is creating emails that the customers of the brands that hire us have requested. That said, I’m still as bad at email as the next guy/gal when it comes to my personal inbox. 

I like to think of an email inbox like a workspace. No matter how clean or messy, I know exactly how it works and where everything is. It might be a mess, but it’s my mess. Would you like someone to come in and reorganize the canned goods cabinet in your kitchen? They might have a great plan, but it’s not yours.

So here comes Google to the rescue. Email is hard, and they’ll make it easier. But when you look a little bit closer, and when you follow their modus operandi, you’ll see this: Gmail needs to make more money.

So, the grand bargain to have them solve your email woes will result in you getting much more adverstising, much more specific to the email tab your looking at.

“Your Inbox” - Now Featuring More Ads

So, just like you can pay to be at the top of a search results page, you can pay to be at the top of a Gmail inbox tab. Then you can pay to have multiple ads while people are looking at that email.

A Final Thought

Does this new Gmail inbox make your life easier, or does it make it easier for Google to sell advertisers access to what type of emails your looking at?

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