Announcing: Mobile preview and autosave of campaigns

We’ve just launched a couple of minor updates to the EmailOctopus platform to help your email marketing workflow.

Mobile preview

You can alternate between a desktop preview and mobile preview

With over 53% of emails now opened on mobile devices, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your mobile works well cross device.All of our inbuilt templates are responsive, meaning they’ll render beautifully when opened on your mobile phone. We’ve made it easier to preview this now, with a desktop and mobile preview for your campaigns.

Autosave campaigns

Campaigns are now autosaved

There’s nothing worse than spending hours building a campaign, only to lose it when your computer crashes. We’ve now added autosave to the campaign creation process, so you’ll be able to recover campaigns should the worst happen.

New integrations

We’ve blogged about these separately, but we’ve officially launched 2 integrations this month. Zapier can be used to integrate EmailOctopus with over 500 different applications. Upscribe, our 2nd integration, now allows you to add forms to Medium posts — ensuring your readers never miss a post.

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